2021 Easton B5 Review

This is our 2021 Easton B5 review. The B5 is a throwback BBCOR bat produced for the 2021 Season. It is a single-piece alloy using Easton’s ATAC Alloy–which is the same high-grade alloy Easton uses in other popular single-piece aluminum bats like the Easton Alpha. In fact, for all intents and purposes, the Easton B5 is the Easton Alpha XL.

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2021 B5 Models

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What’s not to like about Bo Jackson’s college baseball bat? We love the nostalgia, no-frills, working-man, no fancy end caps or explanations about some variable wall, longitudinal groove, multi-faceted ring tech marketing jargon. It’s a bat—and the graphics say as much. It hits baseballs. Hard. If you can, you’ll like this bat. This bat’s design came before folks like us started to think that the reason you hit the ball far was because of your bat, not because of your swing. Be warned: It does swing heavy, so the 30 and 31″ don’t make a lot of sense for us. But, if you want a heavy swinging single piece alloy with a design circa 1985, this is it.

General Recommendations

In terms of performance, the Easton B5 swings heavy. The swing weight for the 33-inch B5 is 9650. That’s 5+% higher than the ADV 360 and getting on almost 10% heavier than a bat like the META. Expect it to swing as heavy as the Meta PWR, or the Omaha in a 33-inch. (Remember, the 28 through 32-inch Omahas swing light).

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Comparable Bats

Heavy swinging single piece aluminum bats include those like the Warstic Gunner, Slugger Omaha in the 33 and 34-inch and Axe Elite.

Previous Bats

There is no version of the B5 from last year. The last time Easton made a bat that looked liked this was in the 1980’s.  That said, the Easton Alpha XL has the same end cap and barrel material. So, as far as we are concerned, the at is very similar to that and should be considered all but the same.


Easton’s B5 is a single-piece alloy bat made from Easton’s ATAC Alloy. The ATAC alloy is the same aluminum they’ve used in other high-end single-piece bats like the Easton Alpha XL. As well, they added some technology in the barrel to help dampen sting. The B5 is also an endloaded bat.