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2021 DeMarini Voodoo One Review

The 2021 Voodoo One is very popular due to some online YouTube publicity. However, the bat is the same version as it has been for the last few years. Our general rating is higher this year than in years past because part of our rating is based on consumer demand. And the demand for the 2021 Voodoo is way beyond its predecessors despite being the same bat. Such is life in the world of bat hype.

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2021 Voodoo One Models

Models Overview

Our hitters like the stiff feel and light swing of the DeMarini Voodoo One. The bat is a single-piece aluminum built for that middle power hitter who wants as much bat speed as possible and isn’t concerned about a huge barrel profile.

General Recommendations

Most single piece hitters like stiffer bats and end-loaded swings. DeMarini’s Voodoo One dials in the stiff feel but is considered a lighter bat. On the other hand, most younger and top of the lineup guys prefer a light swing and big barrel profile. Again, the Voodoo One does well with the light swing but doesn’t have the barrel profile many smaller hitters prefer. That isn’t to say the Voodoo One isn’t a reasonable choice. In the end, its exit speeds and player feedback are as good as any bat out there. But, to be sure, it’s a unique fit to find the player who loves a light swing and a stiff feel. These bats always do better the heavier you can swing them.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Single-piece aluminum bats that hope to have a light swing are plenty. The SOLO from Slugger and VELO from Rawlings are the cream of the crop in these markets. However, the Voodoo in BBCOR has done well enough too. But, to be sure, the single-piece light swinging options are pretty endless. Easton’s Alpha, Slugger’s Omaha and Solo, Marucci’s CAT series, Rawlings Velo and Mizuno’s Hot Metal, to name a few, are all single piece aluminum built with a more balanced swing in mind.

Previous Bats

In BBCOR, DeMarini’s Voodoo One has not changed very much. The bat has been the same X14 alloy on a smaller profile barrel with a light swing since 2017. The addition of the bat line in the USA space for 2021 is an interesting move. Single piece light swinging aluminum bats have done well enough in that space to make some sense. Otherwise, if you’re looking at older models of the Voodoo One, there is no shame in taking a serious look at older model years in the used market.


The 2021 DeMarini Voodoo One is a single-piece aluminum bat built with a light swing. DeMarini uses their traditional X14 alloy and “Reaction” end cap in the bat. There is virtually nothing exciting about the design and makeup of the DeMarini Voodoo One. It is, after all, a bat.