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2021 Axe Avenge Pro Review

The 2021 Axe Avenge Pro is a USSSA drop 10 and 8 bats with a great sized barrel, balanced swing weight, and top-end performance. We think it the best barrel Axe has ever made on a USSSA bat. Those who want a balanced swing, like the Axe Handle, and want CF type feel on impact will like the 2021 Axe Avenge Pro.

2021 Avenge Pro Models

Models Overview

Our hitters liked the ax-handle, the big barrel, and the light swing of the 2021 Axe Avenge Pro. This bat feels different than previous years’ two-piece composites from Axe. It’s either a function of the connection piece, the more rounded barrel, or both. In either case, our hitters liked the Axe Avenge Pro more than any previous version of the Axe Avenge in USSSA.

If you are wondering, COVID pushed back several of the releases within Axe’s line. It is why there is no Avenge Pro for 2021 in USA. However, we’ve heard rumblings that later in the season we might see a 2021 BBCOR Axe Avenge Pro.

General Recommendations

We recommend the USSSA Axe Avenge Pro from 2021 to the USSSA hitter who likes a balanced swing, the ax handle and a flexible feel on contact. The right hitter could do a lot of good work with this bat.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

There are no bats on the market with an ax shaped handle in a two-piece composite. So, in that regard, the 2021 Axe Avenge Pro stands alone. However, there are several two-piece composite bats with a balanced swing. Demarini’s CF dominates this space. As well, new bats like the META and Easton ADV are reasonable substitutes. All these bats price out the same, have a balanced swing and an oversized barrel. Axe’s unique advantage is the ax shaped knob. If you want one with that handle, your options are one.

Previous Bats

The 2021 vs. the 2020 Axe Avenge went through considerable changes. The 2021 Axe Avenge Pro uses an upgraded composite and connection piece for an almost completely different feel. The 2021 swings balanced and have the ax-shaped handle, like 2020, but that’s where the similarities end. We think the Axe Avenge Pro for 2021 is a considerable upgrade and worth the price difference–if there is one by the time you read this.


The 2021 Axe Avenge Pro is a two-piece composite bat built with a balanced swing, a reasonably sized barrel, and a semi-flexible connection piece. It comes in a drop 8 and uses its patented ax-shaped handle on both bats.