2021 Anderson Widowmaker Review

The Anderson Widowmaker is a single-piece bat with an endloaded feel and a good-sized barrel. Anderson Bat is not well known, but the company has been around as long as most. They became wildly popular with the Techzilla in USSSA and Rockettech in Fastpitch. The Widowmaker came on the scene in 2019(ish) and hit a stride of popularity in the college ranks (The University of New Mexico Used the bats). For 2021, the Anderson Widowmaker has a stiff feel, big barrel, and an endloaded swing that hits the ball as hard as any BBCOR bat on the planet.

2021 Widowmaker Models

Models Overview

Our stronger hitters liked the bats stiffness and swing weight. Overall, the bat can perform as well as any bat on the market. It’s got a decent sized sweet spot and if you can barrel it up the ball will fly. Our smaller hitters didn’t like the feel of the bat on mishits and had trouble catching up sometimes.

General Recommendations

We recommend the 2021 Anderson Widowmaker for the big-hitting upperclassman who needs as much bat as they can find. If you can barrel it up the ball will fly as far as any BBCOR on the planet.

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Comparable Bats

Another heavy single piece bats similar to the 2021 Widowmaker is a bat-like the Stinger Nuke. You can also find heavier swinging single piece BBCOR bats in the 33 and 34 inches in a Louisville Slugger Omaha.

Previous Bats

This is the 2nd year of the Anderson Widowmaker. Other than the paint job, it has not changed from the 2020 version.


The Anderson Widowmaker is a single-piece aluminum bat built with an average-sized barrel and a heavier swing weight. We found it to be in the top 10% of bats for swing weight (we measured the 33-inch). The bat is pretty straight forward as single piece aluminum are about as traditional as you can get in the BBCOR bat space.