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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

2020 Warstic Bonesaber Review

July 22, 2020 | by Bat Digest Review Team | @BatDigest

The Warstic Bonesaber is a BBCOR and USSSA single piece aluminum bat with a unique and much loved tapered handle.

We used three different hitters on the BBCOR Warstic Bonesaber. All think it is one of the best feeling single piece aluminum bats on the market. The tapered handle makes a real difference, and the barrel performance felt as good as any aluminum BBCOR bat on the market. Warstic’s distribution isn’t like other companies, and the price point on the Bonesaber is pushing it. But, if you’re looking for a top-end single piece aluminum bat with a fantastic design and feel, then the Warstic Bonesaber for 2020 deserves all your attention.


Our hitters loved the tapered handle and the big barrel. The feel was as good as any single piece bat they’ve swung to date, and the textured grip felt big league.

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Quick Review

Our hitters loved the tapered handle and the big barrel. The feel was as good as any single piece bat they’ve swung to date, and the textured grip felt big league.

Get Your Own Advice

CAT 9 vs Bonesaber Swing Weight Confusion?


Could you help clear up the confusion? Someone else had asked you a question about the Bonesaber and you answered “we measured the BBCOR 33″ Bonesaber as a 9300 MOI. The average 33″ BBCOR bat swings at 9250. It is safe to say the Bonesaber in BBCOR is just slightly above average in swing weight. That’s considerably lighter than a bat like the CAT 9 but heavier than a bat-like DeMarini’s CF.” However, on your swing weight chart, the 2020 Bonesaber and the 2021 CAT 9 are almost the exact swing weight. I’m trying to decide between these two bats. Do they have similar swing weights?




Thanks for the clarifying question. The short answer is it appears we messed up in our answer. The Bonesaber is not considerably heavier than the CAT 9. So, it does swing similarly. We’ve edited that answer.

Here’s what we think happened, not that you’re looking for an excuse, is the CAT 8, and CAT 7 always swung on the heavy side. The CAT 9, however, does not. We were answering a question in our minds, thinking the CAT 9 was on the heavy side. In either case, the word considerable wasn’t accurate, but we think that is what happened. FWIW.

In any event, we’re glad to see people are reading what we’re answering and then having questions of their own!

Bonesaber Swing Weight


Do you happen to have the swing weight calc on the BBCOR Bonesaber. Thinking of picking one up. Also considering the Solo and Vandal so wondering just how much heavier the SW is in comparison to all the others you included in your 2020 SW chart.



You can see our swing weights on our BBCOR swing weights page. Your note reminded us to add the Bonesaber. To save you a click, the short answer is the Bonesaber swings right in the middle of the road. The industry has yet to decide what we call that bat. Some refer to it as Balanced, but that doesn’t mean Speed or Handloaded. It’s not as light as a bat like the Solo or Vandal, but it’s far from a heavy swinging bat too.

Hope that helps.

Swing Weight and the Bonesaber


Dear Bat Guy,

My son is moving to 10U travel ball. Since starting travel ball he has had issues finding a USSSA bat he likes. His rec ball (USA) bat is the Easton ADV1 30/18. He is 4’11” and 85 lbs. I am trying to get him to hit a 30/20 but it seems a little heavy. He has tried a DSB Swag 30/20 and he seems a little slow with it. I’m thinking the weight issue is actually due to bat balance? He does batting practice with a wood 30-inch bat and swings it with no issues. Actually he hits very well with the wooden bat. I have been trying to do a little research on what “feels” more like his wooden bat and I came across the Warstic Bonesaber. Do you have any thoughts on that particular bat or suggestions on a not end loaded/more balanced bat?




Love it. Thanks.

To answer your last question first: we measured the BBCOR 33″ Bonesaber as a 9300 MOI. The average 33″ BBCOR bat swings at 9250. It is safe to say the Bonesaber in BBCOR is just slightly above average in swing weight. That’s lighter than a bat like the CAT 8/7 (but not lighter than a bat like the CAT 9) and heavier than a bat-like DeMarini’s CF.

See all our USSSA swing weights (sans the Bonesaber).

Now, your question is about the USSSA version of that bat. Unfortunately, we don’t have that exact model’s swing weight in hand at the moment, but it’s fair to guess that it runs a bit heavier than the average. We think it feels more like the DSB Swag than the ADV1—which is a very, very light swing. As much as we love the Bonesaber in bigger, more substantial sizes, we think it is unlikely to be the right pick for a 10U player that’s had success with an ADV1 and thinks the DSB Swag is a bit endloaded.

Our thought: have you looked at the CAT 9 Connect yet? That 30/20 swings light, feels great and has some incredible exit speeds. However, based on what you’ve said, I might lean towards the 29/19 before the 30/20. Swing weight, as we think you’ve correctly surmised, is the crucial leading factor in choosing the right bat.

If you’re not down for the CAT 9 Connect, then, of course, there is always DeMarini’s CF. The CF is far and away from the most popular bat in that niche. It does have a history of breaking, but it fits that light swing, big barrel, and feels great on the hands. Many swear by its performance, too (we included). That bat, however, isn’t cheap.

If it were us, we’d take a real close look at the CAT 9 Connect and see if we couldn’t get it in a 29/19. If that didn’t feel right for whatever reason, a 30/20 (or even 29/19) CF Glitch would be next on our list.

If you want something less expensive, try and find a 30/20 (or 29/19) Slugger Prime used on eBay to tide you over until you can get more chances to see what is the exact right size for him.

We hope that helps, and thanks for reaching out.



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Although not inexpensive, the Warstic Bonesaber is a standout bat in a field of ‘meh.’ The single-piece aluminum BBCOR field is as stale as rocks. Although bats like the Omaha, 5150, Solo, and Alpha have very little to contrast, the Bonesaber is a bat that makes you pay attention. The bat is for the serious player that likes the stiff feel of a single piece aluminum and wants a wood-like feeling in the handle. Big and elite hitters will love the Warstic Bonesaber.

Our only major complaint is the price point. At $329 for a single piece of aluminum, it is asking a lot. Of course, the tapered knob is unique and proprietary. But, when comparing a $199 bat in its class (like the Omaha), it will be difficult to convince most the $100+ extra is worth it. If it is for you is a question we just can’t answer.

BBCOR Bonesaber Recommendations
2020 Warstic Bonesaber Review

Big hitters who like single-piece aluminum bats will love the Bonesaber. Had the 2020 NCAA baseball season not been canceled we think it would have graced the plate more than a few times. It’s a slightly end loaded single piece aluminum built for a power hitter or the more contact hitter that likes all the feedback they can get in their bat.

Price Check
USSSA Bonesaber Recommendations
2020 Warstic Bonesaber Review

The USSSA Bonesaber should compete against other single piece big barrel bats in the USSSA space, including the very popular CAT 8. Like the BBCOR, those who want a Bonesaber in USSSA will also like stiff bats with loud sounds. For single-piece aluminum bats, the drop 5 and 8 in USSSA tend to be our favorite. Lighter bats that are single-piece aluminum tend to lack the swing weight to do real damage. We almost always suggest two-piece bats for the USSSA player in the drop ten space. Drop 8 hitters should consider a single piece, and big drop 5 hitters should almost require it.

Price Check

Comparable Bats

In terms of the handle, Axe bats also has a unique shaped handle. In some ways, they feel similar. Both give more girth in the bottom hand for more contact area. The Warstic Bonesaber, however, is not asymmetric like the Axe handles. Instead, it uses a more traditional flare, as you might find on wood bats. In other words, if we had to choose the most similar bat compared to the Bonesaber, we’d go with the Axe Elite. It, too, is a single-piece aluminum bat with a unique knob, not unlike the Warstic Bonesaber.

2020 Omaha
See the Omaha Review

2020 Louisville Slugger Omaha Review: Value. Value. Value. After hitting with every version of the 2020 Slugger Omaha, we are confident it will continue to dominate the value purchase realm of all baseball. It serves as a legit option for novice and expert alike in the BBCOR, USSSA and USA space with a reasonable price point most parents are willing to pay. Our favorite, if we had to choose, is the drop 5 USA Omaha. With the exception of the 33 and 34-inch BBCOR, 2020 Omahas are built with a light swing in mind. Those two BBCOR versions are intentionally built for a heavy swing. Our Score 9.8/10 (BBCOR); 9.5/10(USSSA); 9.8/10 (USA).

Price Check
2019 5150
See the 5150 Review

We’ve spent considerable time with Rawlings 5150 line of bats. It is as familiar in the industry as any bat has ever been.

Price Check
2019 Alpha
See the Alpha Review

Easton starts their 2019 BBCOR bat offering with the new Alpha.

Price Check

2020 Bonesaber Construction

Warstic Bonesaber Review

As we stated above, the 2020 Warstic Bonesaber is a single-piece aluminum bat with a balanced swing weight. The bat’s most unique feature is the tapered grip.

Bat Sizing Options

The Warstic Bonesaber comes in BBCOR and USSSA. The BBCOR comes in a 31 through 33 while the USSSA comes in a spattering of sizes you’ll just have to look at.

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Feel on Mishits
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