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2020 Easton Fuze 360 Review

2020 Easton Fuze Review: We like the Easton Fuze as an entry level single piece aluminum USA bat and a new Hybrid BBCOR version (there is also a DSG exclusive hybrid USA version we review here). In the USA space the Fuze still trails the Solo drop 11, we think. But it isn’t far off—and the unique Power Boost knob might be just enough to convince several to try it out. The Fuze (like the Solo, Velo and Vandal) uses an extended composite end cap to help drive down the swing weight and increase the barrel size. Our smaller hitters who need bat speed liked it the most.

2020 Fuze 360 Models

Models Overview

Single piece aluminum bats with extended composite end caps like the Fuze 360 swing ultra light. It feels remarkably light but still has enough of a barrel to be taken seriously. Although the Fuze 360 Hybrid in BBCOR is considerably different than the USA and USSSA versions of the bat it also has a focus on a light swing weight with a reasonable barrel. Our hitters liked the general feel of all the bats and the sound on contact. The performance out of the wrapper was as good as we could hope for. We especially liked the drop 10 USA version of the bat which swung light and drove the ball as well as the Solo, which is a huge hit in the USA space.

General Recommendations

The 2020 Easton Fuze 360 is built for the kid who likes the power that comes from the stiff feel of a single piece aluminum bat but wants the added length they can get from using bat with a low MOI (swing weight). If you’ve maxed out the 34 inches in the Fuze we suggest looking towards a more end loaded single piece like an Easton Alpha or Slugger Omaha. But, if you want as much barrel as you can get in a single piece aluminum then the Fuze 360 is a reasonable choice.

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Comparable Bats

Comparing the USA and USSSA bats to the rest of the market you’ll find the Slugger Solo and the Rawlings Velo as worthy competitors. Both those bats, the Solo and Velo, have been around longer so its easier to speak with more confidence about their durability and performance (both of which are excellent). We have no reason to think the 360 Fuze in USA and USSSA will be a poor choice, but the opposite is also true. That said, making a single piece aluminum that performs at or near the limit on at least some part of the barrel is a reasonable expectation for a company like Easton.

Finding a light swinging traditional hybrid in the BBCOR space is easy as well. DeMarini’s Voodoo has made a living in the balanced swinging composite handle and aluminum space. The Voodoo has long been one of our favorites in the BBCOR space as we love the high end CF type feel but a hot out of the wrapper aluminum. Easton has experience making hybrid BBCOR bats so we’re comfortable believing the Fuze 360 Hybrid is a legit choice. There are other hybrid bats in the market like Marucci’s CAT Connect, but they are generally end loaded. (The exception to this, off the top of our heads, is Axe’s Elite).

Previous Bats

The 2020 Fuze is so different than the 2019 Fuze in BBCOR that its not even worth comparing. The 2020 version is a hybrid bat in BBCOR while the 2019 version was a single piece with an extended composite end cap. The USA and USSSA versions didn’t even exist in 2019.


As we’ve mentioned above, the USA and USSSA Easton 360 Fuze is a single piece bat with an extended end cap made of composite. This composite end cap helps bring down the total swing weight of the bat. As well, the bat comes stock with a custom Lizard Skin grip. The alloy in the barrel is the same they have used for a few years in their top end aluminum bats. They refer to it as the ATAC alloy.

The BBCOR version of the 2020 Easton Fuze 360 Hybrid uses the same alloy as the USA and USSSA (ATAC), but it adds the composite handle found in the more expensive ADV 360. The connection piece, same as in the ADV 360, is connected to that ATAC alloy giving it a ready to go out of the wrapper performance.