Voodoo One

2020 DeMarini Voodoo One Review

Cage and game hitting and exit speeds and direct player feedback compromise this 2020 DeMarini Voodoo Review. The bat is considered a light swinging, entry-level performance baseball bat in the single-piece aluminum space. The Voodoo One, not to be confused with the hybrid Voodoo Balanced, comes in BBCOR, USA, and USSSA. Players looking for a value deal or big and strong players that want a very light swing in a stiff bat will like the 2020 DeMarini Voodoo One. The USA bat is a real bright spot, the BBCOR version is average, and the USSSA bat is avoidable.

2020 Voodoo One Models

Models Overview

Generally, our hitters like the light swing of the Voodoo One. Parents like the light price point of the Voodoo One. In terms of a great feel, very few say the Voodoo One has it. The barrel isn’t huge either. Still, despite its shortcomings, it makes up for it in a good size offering, legit performance if you square it up, and an affordable price.

General Recommendations

Generally, those who are very serious about youth competitive baseball won’t find the Voodoo very exciting. Its hand ringing nature and smaller barrel aren’t things people praise in the dugout. On the other end of the spectrum, serious college players prefer single-piece bats with an end load. The 2020 Voodoo One is a single-piece bat, but it swings light. Some players in the NCAA like its stiff feel and bat speed, as are there youth players and parents who like its sound, performance, and price to make it their bat of choice. The most recommendable bat of the bunch is the drop 5 USA version, which serves as a great cold-weather bat or BP stick for the growing youth competitive player.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

There are several single-piece aluminum bats on the market—not many have an MSRP of $249 for BBCOR. Some, like the CAT 8 and Velo, price out well over that and, we think, rightfully so. Those bats have done a remarkable job in the single-piece space with a big barrel and strong swing. The most similar bat in pricing and makeup to the 2020 Voodoo One is the 2020 Slugger Omaha. However, when comparing user reviews, Omaha, to put it mildly, wipes the floor in BBCOR, USA, and USSSA.

Previous Bats

Compared to the 2019 Voodoo One, the only change is the end cap’s change to a “ReACTION END CAP.” In effect, the end cap is supposed to hone in the swing weight and help with some barrel performance. Our expectation is it won’t change the on-field or general sentiment when compared to the 2019. In other words, we would not buy a 2020 Voodoo One until you can no longer find the 2019 versions at a discount.


The barrel of the Voodoo One is the same material that makes up the very popular 2020 Voodoo. That bat is a two-piece hybrid with a terribly similar name. Remember, the ONE means it’s a one-piece. The other piece on the 2020 Voodoo One is the end cap which, as we stated above, is upgraded from the 2019 version to be a bit more durable and lighter.