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2020 DeMarini The Goods Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2020 DeMarini The Goods Review Featured Image
2020 DeMarini The Goods Review: Endloaded, Stiff, Big Hitting. We put the 2020 DeMarini The Goods two piece bat in the hands of 3 serious BBCOR ball players. Each found the bat to swing heavy (in a good way), feel great and look fantastic. We also watched many NCAA 2019 College World Series players give it a shot. The bat is a great shift from the Voodoo Insane of 2019 and is clearly built for the big hitter who still likes a two piece hybrid instead of a single piece aluminum. Our Score: 9/10.
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In some sense, the 2020 The Goods DeMarini bat replaces the heavier versions in the 2019 DeMarini Voodoo line. It comes in two versions: a single piece (like the Voodoo One) and a hybrid (like the Voodoo Insane). As such, the bat will fit really well with elite high school and college players that like heavier swings, aluminum barrels and stiff feels through contact.

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This is a BBCOR only bat (at least for now). So, it will clearly only work for the BBCOR players out there. As well, it have an end load, aluminum barrel and stiff feel. So, if you like more vibration in your hands, can wield a biggers tick and like the hot out of the wrapper performance of a metal barrel then it should be considered. The Voodoo Insane has long been one of our favorite bats.

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There is no The Goods for 2019. Of course, as we state above, the idea is to reshape the heavier swinging Voodoo line. That is, it will 'replace' the 2019 Voodoo Insane. So, if you don't quite want to splurge for the new 2020 The Goods from DeMarini try and find a 2019 Voodoo Insane.


The 2020 The Goods will come in both a two piece and single piece version. The Two piece is a hybrid (meaning a composite handle and aluminum barrel). The single piece is one piece of aluminum and referred to as "The Goods One Piece". All the CWS BBCOR players we saw used the two piece version. The Goods uses the familiar X14 aluminum barrel. This is the same type of aluminum found in the Voodoo. The connective piece in The Goods is a 3 Fusion system like the CF and Voodoo models but tuned tighter for less give and more stiffness for bigger hitters. They did redesign a specific end cap for The Goods built specifically for power hitters--so stronger, more durable and not as concerned with weight control.

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