The Goods One Piece

2020 DeMarini The Goods One Piece Review

The 2020 DeMarini The Goods One Piece is the next generation of the Voodoo One. For 2020, DeMarini is also producing the old Voodoo. The difference between the two is a new end cap and paint job. Performance-wise, the bat is still a single-piece aluminum alloy with a balanced swing, ping sound, and durable frame.

2020 The Goods One Piece Models

Models Overview

Not many hitters prefer a light swinging single piece aluminum bat. But there are some. Elite hitters prefer stiffer feeling bats, and The Goods One Piece is right in their alley. However, it’s light swing makes it a bit more unique. Our hitters though the bat, reminded them a lot of the VELO from Rawlings.

General Recommendations

As a BBCOR only bat for 2020, we recommend the 2020 The Goods One Piece for the smaller but great player. Those who like a stiff feeling bat and can really put it on the screws each swing will appreciate the hot out of the wrapper and lighter swing of the 2020 The Goods One Piece.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

The most comparable bat to The Goods One Piece is, arguably, the Rawlings VELO. Both are single-piece bats built with an undersized barrel but a stiff feel and light swing. There are several other single piece alloy bats built with a stiff feel including bats like the Solo and Omaha from Slugger as well as the Alpha lines from Easton. But, our gut tells us the folks at DeMarini designed this to take market share from the Rawlings VELO.

Previous Bats

2020 is the first year of the DeMarini The Goods One Piece. However, this is clearly the next generation of the Voodoo One which has been around since 2016. The difference between the 2019 Voodoo One and the 2020 The Goods One Piece is a change in the end cap. The Goods One Piece’s Seismic End Cap gives the bat a different look, dials in the swing weight as a mildly balanced bat and, most importantly, stiffens up the barrel even more. Otherwise, it is the same X14 alloy, focused/small barrel and ultra-stiff feel.


The 2020 The Goods One Piece is made from a single piece of alloy. It uses a new stiffer end cap to give the barrel an even stiffer feel. This end cap is the same one used in the very popular hybrid The Goods. The barrel material is still the X14 which has been in DeMarini’s lineup for several years. They can change the shaping of that material, but the pure performance has been pretty consistent over the last several years.