2020 Axe Avenge Review

We’ve been singing the praises of the Axe handle for 6 years now. It’s a great feel that, after a couple dozen swings, feels like old hat. We hit with the Axe Avenge in all its versions (USA, BBCOR, USSSA), measured its exit speeds and barrel sizes as well as the swing weights. In short, it matches well with other two piece composites in performance and relevant options in the space. Axe added a new verion of the handle in 2020 called the Pro Handle which our testers awarded the Innovative Bat of the YearTM for 2020.

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2020 Avenge Models

Models Overview

Our hitters liked the feel. At first, a few newbies had trouble with the skinner feel on the top hand of the bat. That is, the bottom hand fits perfectly (espeically on the Pro Handle BBCOR versions) but the top feels small and thin. But, after a number of swings, players tend to like the feel. The connection piece is also recommendable and our smaller USA type hitters loved the feel over any other bat they swung.

General Recommendations

The two piece composite space is replete with legitimate options in every league. BBCOR is dominated by bats like the Meta, Quatro and CF. USSSA is a CF playground and USA feels like the Quatro, CF and ADV are having their way. Yet, in all of that, the Axe Handled Avenge is a reasonable two piece option. For 2020 the USSSA Axe Avenge in a drop 10 is the lightest drop 10 you’ll find (in terms of swing weight). The USA Version sits in the bottom half of swing weight feels and the BBCOR is within 3% of the lightest swing. As such, if that’s the type of swing weight you want and you’re down for trying an axe handle on your high end two piece composite the 2020 Avenge is a great fit.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

There are no other comparable bats to the Axe Avenge. Really. Sure, there are other two piece composite bats with big barrels and a nice feel. But the Axe handle is so distinctive claiming there is a similar experience just isn’t accurate. In the world of Axe Bats there are only two types of bats: Those who have axe handles and those who don’t.

Previous Bats

The biggest difference between the 2019 and 2020 versions of the Axe Avenge is the addition of the Pro Handle versions of the bat in BBCOR. We are hopeful the future holds some USA and USSSA versions too. That new handle increased the roundness on the bottom hand giving it a more ergonomic feel for bigger players. But, we found our smaller players preferred the more rounded handle than the traditional one too.


The Axe Avenge is a two piece piece composite bat with an asymmetric handle and end cap. The orientation of the handle forces contact to only occur on one side of the barrel so Axe engineers design the barrel for that type of impact. We’ve found our Axe bats to be more durable than other two piece composite, but that evidence is anecdotal.

We’ve spent pages over the course of the last few years explaining the idea behind an axe shaped handle and how something more ergonomic can produce better exit speeds. We’ll refer you to previous version of our conversations as well as some Axe literature on that for now. Maybe for 2021 we’ll dive back into our diatribe on a the antiquity of round knobs on round bats from the early 1900’s. Until then, check here.