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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro Review

September 3, 2019 | by Bat Digest Review Team | @BatDigest

Rawlings looks to improve upon the durability of their flagship bat with the 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro. The BBCOR version of the bat was our favorite bbcor bat in 2018.

Quatro PRO

Our hitters found the feel on the Quatro, especially the BBCOR, to be perfect. The swing weight was lighter than most bats and the barrel size bigger than most bats. The price point compares to other bats of its type (two piece composite). Generally, exit speeds were above average with the BBCOR … Jump to the full review.

Quick Review

Our hitters found the feel on the Quatro, especially the BBCOR, to be perfect. The swing weight was lighter than most bats and the barrel size bigger than most bats. The price point compares to other bats of its type (two piece composite). Generally, exit speeds were above average with the BBCOR outshining everything.

Get Your Own Advice

BBCOR for 13 year old


Dear Bat Guy,

I am looking for the best BBCOR from Demarini or LS for a 13-year-old, on the smaller side who I wouldn’t call a “power hitter”. I currently have a voucher for a warranty replacement. I was considering getting a -5 but with the COVID situation, I don’t know how much use he will be able to get out of it before having to step up so I figure we will just make the jump to BBCOR now. He was swinging a 30″ -8 CF Zen.




Most USSSA kids like to transition to BBCOR and gravitate towards the CF because they had so much success with it in USSSA Ball. However, that soft connection, that works well at < 13U, really starts to lose its brilliance when balls start coming faster and swing speeds start increasing.

Although the CF in BBCOR does well in our exit speed tests, most BBCOR hitters don’t prefer it, and it quickly takes a back seat—especially to bats with more stiff connections. Of course, that isn’t everyone—some really like it and do really well with it.

As well, we realize you didn’t ask if you should be getting a CF in BBCOR. But, since you have that voucher, we just thought we’d throw that insight out there before you buy a CF in BBCOR and end up being a bit disappointed.

We believe the best transition bat for a smaller kid who liked their CF in USSSA is going to be a 2019 Rawlings Quatro, Prime, or ADV 360 from Easton. The 2020 and 2019 Meta are fantastic too, but too expensive to justify for such a short window and because the exit speeds aren’t any better (although the feel is terrific).

The ADV 360, Prime, and Quatro have about the same kind of feel like the CF in USSSA. So, if he likes that feeling and wants to keep it, those are the bats he should be aiming for. The trick is finding the bat with the right swing weight (which will be your challenge when jumping from a drop 8) and has the feel the player prefers.

That said, in the spirit of getting you on the trail of something that it’s a real steal, we’d look real close at bat like a 31/28 Easton Ghost from 2018 in BBCOR used on eBay to tide us over until he could grow into a 32 or 33 where we’d be willing to spend Meta type money (and use our voucher) on his Soph/Junior/Senior year bat.

If that voucher is burning a hole in your pocket, then we’d buy the 31″ Prime from Slugger. There is a “Bat Day” that Wilson does every October where they drop the prices of those bats. If I were you, I’d wait until then if you can and then buy it directly from Slugger’s site.

Thanks for the question, and we hope that helps at least get you on track

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Survey Results

We surveyed over 2,000 players on their 2019 bat usage. We asked what bat they used, how they liked it and what bat they think is the best. We parsed that data into each individual bat and report those on our review pages. As well, we aggregated data on the bat brands overall ranking.

BBCOR (29 Responses)
See all BBCOR Rankings

Quatro Pro BBCOR owners satisfaction:


Owners of the Quatro Pro BBCOR who believe they have the best bat:


Where do BBCOR Players Rank the Quatro Pro among BBCOR bats?


What popularity rank is the Quatro Pro BBCOR Bat?


All Rawlings BBCOR Owner Average Satisfaction:

USSSA (9 Responses)
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Quatro Pro USSSA owners satisfaction:


Owners of the Quatro Pro USSSA who believe they have the best bat:


Where do USSSA players rank the Quatro Pro USSSA Bat?


How Popular is the Quatro Pro USSSA Bat?


All Rawlings USSSA Owner Average Satisfaction:

USA (28 Responses)
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Quatro Pro USA owners satisfaction:


Owners of the Quatro Pro USA who believe they have the best bat:


What rank do USA players give the Quatro Pro USA bat?


What rank is the popularity of the Quatro Pro USA Bat?


All Rawlings USA Model Owner Average Satisfaction:


BBCOR Quatro PRO Recommendations
2019 Rawlings Quatro PRO Review

The BBCOR Quatro runs one of our favorite BBCOR bats for 2019. We love the exit speed and feel. The sound is right where most kids like it. It was in the upper echelon of exit speed performance. Unless you want a single piece bat, or need something with significant end load we have no doubt you’ll love the BBCOR Rawlings Quatro Pro.

Price Check
USA Quatro PRO Recommendations
2019 Rawlings Quatro PRO Review

The 2019 Rawlings Quatro made a huge name for itself in the 2018 LLWS. Kids loved the huge barrel and the great feel on both hits and mishits. The price was for a top shelf bat and the durability, for the 2018, was questionable. But, the changes in the bats 2019 construction appear to have rectified that. Most will consider this the best two piece composite USA Bat for 2019.

Price Check
USSSA Quatro PRO Recommendations
2019 Rawlings Quatro PRO Review

A light swing, big barrel, great feel on hits and mishits, the USSSA/Big Barrel Quatro is built for the top of the lineup kid that gets on base a lot. Smaller kids in the latter part of the line up will like it too as it is forgiving on mishits and will help them find as many pitches as possible. Huge barrel, good pop with the right swing speed.

Price Check

2019 vs 2018 Quatro PRO

They changed a few things on the 2019 Quatro. Enough so that buying last year’s model will likely yeild a different experience. Here are some of the changes:

  • New dimension to the collar to help with better sting dampening.
  • Decreasing the swing weight by a couple percentage points.
  • Moving the inner barrel towards the middle.

The 2019 change also improved the durability. Early reports show the bat is holding up a bit better. The 2018 version was notorious for cracking early. But, before you get the impression we think that is a bad thing, the bat was crazy hot. BBCOR and USA exit speeds showed top of the class.

As such, we’d recommend the 2019 version over the 2018 version—although the price gap may be tempting. Of course at some price the 2018 version is a fantastic get—especially in the BBCOR space. But, in terms of a used 2018 USA bat on ebay, we would avoid this time around.


Bat Review


We spent considerable time with the 2018 Rawlings Quatro in both real game work as well as cage time.

Price Check



After considerable time in the cage, direct feedback from hitters at different levels of the sport and discussions about the upgrades with several in the know, we present our 2017 Rawlings Quatro bat review in both Senior League and BBCOR.

Price Check

Comparable Bats

There are several high end two piece composite bats. These bats tend to be the flagship bat of major vendors. They include the ones you heard of like the CF Zen from DeMarini, the Easton Ghost X and Louisville Slugger’s 919 Prime. In terms of price, performance and feel the four bats are remarkably close.

We do find the 919’s swing weight closer to the Rawlings Quatro while the Ghost X and CF Zen swung a bit lighter.

2019 CAT 8
See the CAT 8 Review

After a month of use with the BBCOR and USSSA versions of the CAT 8 we put together this 2019 CAT 8 Review.

(Looking for the 2020 USA Marucci CAT review?)

Price Check

2019 Quatro PRO Construction

As we mention above, the Rawlings Quatro is a two piece composite bat. Two piece composite bats are generally built with the idea of a light swing and a big barrel. Of course there are notable exceptions to this.

Unique to Rawlings’ two piece design is a synthetic collar that surrounds the connection point. For 2019 this has been upgraded to reduce more sting from mishits.

As well, Rawling’s uses a floating inner barrel towards the end of the bat. This extra barrel allows for better trampoline effect at slower impact speeds as well as a sort of governor to keep it from overdoing the restriction limits. In 2019, the inner barrel was moved more towards the knob of the bat to reduce swing weight and, hopefully, improve durability.

Bat Sizing Options

  • BBCOR 31 through 34
  • USSSA Drop 10 & Drop 12
  • USA Drop 8 and Drop 10
Feel on Sweet Spot Hits
Feel on Mishits
Worth the Price
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Ed Entwistle
Ed Entwistle
1 year ago

I have bought 3 quatros for my son the last three years. Each year I had to send the bat back in for one reason or another. Each time Rawlings sent me a new bat back and each time the replacement bat lasted less than one month. Unfortunately, I will never purchase a Rawlings bat again. The quatro has tremendous pop and is great that way but there is no durability at all.

Eric S Harrison
Eric S Harrison
1 year ago
Reply to  Ed Entwistle

Hey Ed, were these quatro bats the 2019 BBCOR or 2018 BBCOR model? I’m a heartbeat away from ordering one for my son as well. Several of the guys on his summer league team uses the 2019 model. The few times he’s taken the bat into the batter’s box, he’s come away with a positive experience. He claims it hit much better than his 2018 LS Prime 918. The durability issues frightens me however. At least we’re glad to hear Rawlings was responsive and quickly replaced your son’s bat when trouble showed up.

Ed Entwistle
Ed Entwistle
1 year ago

To be fair, I contacted Rawlings after the replacement bat broke and they are sending me another one free of charge

Tom McMurray
Tom McMurray
1 year ago

Just got the 2020 version in Red. The collar is made if carbon fiber and looks like it will hold up. H.S. Senior son hit BP and hit one 400 ft. He hit hardest line drives ever for him. He had a 2018 version that was hot but not durable. Looks like Rawlings made good upgrades.

Keith Boileau
Keith Boileau
6 months ago

Just picked up a 2019 Quatro 32/29. Holy fricken cow! The thing is fricken fire hot! My son loves it, but will have to wait til his sophomore year to game it. He’ll swing 31 next year unless he hits a crazy growth spurt.

Scott Schrauben
Scott Schrauben
2 months ago

One of the kids on my summer team had on of BBCOR Quatros bats. While doing soft toss before a game the barrel of the bat came off the handle mid swing and hit me in the leg. Results in a fracture in my tibia and a large cut on my leg. Can’t drive for 6 weeks. So a piece design may result in a lighter swing, but it doesn’t result in a safe bat. Maybe this bat was just a lemon. Kid got the bat for a christmas present, and had only been used in one game prior to this.


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