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2019 Mizuno Power Carbon Baseball

New for 2019 Mizuno has released a huge barrel on a single piece composite bat. We spent a lot of time, with a half dozen other hitters, hitting the 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon to write this review.

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On the whole, hitters immediately noticed the size of the barrel. It is, at least in the 33-inch BBCOR realm, the largest barreled BBCOR bat on the market. As well, it runs one of the lightest swinging bats on the market. In essence, if you want the largest barrel with the lightest swing then you just found your bat.

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The single piece composite bat realm for 2019 is thin. The only comparable bat for this given year is Dirty South’s Kamo. That, too, is a single piece composite. But, notably, the Kamo swings heavier than the Power Carbon. Expect an 8 to 9% increase in swing weight from one bat to another. The Power Carbon does have a bigger barrel profile but not by much. Both barrels are monsters.


The Mizuno Power Carbon for BBCOR and USSSA (not to be confused with the Power Carbon in fastpitch) is a single piece composite bat. This means Mizuno essentially produces the entire bat in a single process for synthetic material best described to the layman as plastic. Mizuno’s composite is referred to as Black Onyx Carbon. Black Onyx is, for all intents and purposes, a marketing term for their type of composite used in the bat.

Another unique feature on the 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon is the grip. They use a unique design in the grip to produce some better comfort and feel. Our players liked it and commented on it.