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2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution Review Featured Image
The 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution (Evo) is the next generation of Easton Ghost X in the USA and USSSA (Big Barrel) bat space.
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2019 Ghost X Evolution Models

(If you are looking for this bat in BBCOR then check out the 2019 Easton ADV Project 3.) We've hit with the USSSA and USA versions of the bat. The USSSA version correlates well with 2018 Easton Ghost X. It's smooth, big barreled and will be loved by serious travel type players.

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But, we found the USA Ghost X Evolution leaps and bounds better than the 2018 USA Ghost. The 2019 bat feels smooth, the barrel is huge and the balance right where you want it. It's sting dampeingin was on par with the USSSA version---not like the electrocution feeling found in the 2018 USA Ghost x. We expect the 2019 Easton Evo to be a favorite this year in the USA Space.

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In the USA Bat space you can be confident the Evolution is considerably different between the 2019 Evolution and the 2018 Ghost X. Speak to any player that swung the USA Ghost X in 2018 and you'll find the bat had some problems. Not only was one bat banned for being illegal, but the bat felt really, really terrible on mishits. Compared to the 2017 Easton MAKO the bat felt like it was built with an electric shock mechanism for poorly hit balls. Exit speeds were less than steller too. Whatever Easton did between 2018 and 2019 with their top end USA Bat worked. The new Ghost Evolution feels smooth, sounds great and has that same light balance to the swing. (They did add some type of foam to the inside of their CXN connective piece. If this was the ticket that caused the change we aren't sure, but there is clearly something different in the feel between 2018 and 2019 in the USA space). The new 2019 Ghost X Evolution has an upgraded foam inside the barrel. This helps dampen sting (especially in the Hyperlite). It is also the company that secured the Lizard Skin grip contract away from Slugger as well as a new end cap that is a bit lighter---helping to bring down the swing weight as the foam increased it.


The 2019 Easton Evolution is a high end two piece composite bat built after the manner of the Easton MAKO of years gone by. They have claimed to upgrade a few things including the handle and barrel. But, anyone who ever swung those old Mako's knows they needed no upgrading. The question is, of course, can they replicate those 2 1/4 inch monsters in the USA and USSSA space.

Ghost X Evolution