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2019 Easton Elevate Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2019 Easton Elevate Review Featured Image
After hitting with the 2019 Easton Elevate and discussing the bat with several vendors and players we write this review.
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2019 Elevate Models

In short, the single piece aluminum bat is positioned in the value bat space and comes with a decent barrel size, good sizing options and, if you can square the ball up, impressive power. But, don't confuse the Easton Elevate with a high end, travel player type bat in the single piece aluminum space like the CAT 8 or Solo 619. The Elevate is built for the mostly serious rec player who is not willing to pony up more money than is reasonable.

General Recommendations

We recommend the Elevate for the serious rec player that wants a new bat. If hand sting bothers you, or you prefer the barrel size associated with composite barrels, then the Easton Elevate is not for you. But, in the USSSA and USA space, if you don't see too serious of pitch speed and want a new bat for 2019 then the Easton Elevate is as good as any.

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Previous Bats

There was not a 2018 Easton Elevate. But, in terms of a single piece aluminum bat in the value space that covers a lot of sizing options, check Easton's S500. That is a 2016 bat---so it has been a few years. We expect the Easton Elevate to be around for a while.


Easton's 2019 Elevate is a single piece aluminum bat. The end cap is also aluminum (many bat's have end caps that are plastic). You should expect as good durability there is the space.

Marketing Writeup


  • Lightweight and durable ALX100 Military Grade Alloy construction
  • Cushioned 2.2 mm FLEX grip provides comfort in hands
  • Concave end cap