Voodoo Balanced, Voodoo Insane

2019 DeMarini Voodoo Bat Review | Balanced

Not much has changed on the 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced. It’s still a two-piece hybrid bat with a reasonably balanced swing, good barrel profile, and relativity stiffer feel than the two-piece composite world. The bat is very popular and difficult to find but everyone who has ever had the bat loves it. There is another version of this bat that has a heavier swing and a very stiff feel called the DeMarini Voodoo Loaded.

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2019 Voodoo Balanced, Voodoo Insane Models

Models Overview

Some vendors have it one way and some the other. This is not to be confused with the Voodoo Insane or the Voodoo One. The Voodoo Balanced, the subject of this review, comes in a BBCOR as well as a USSSA and USA drop 10 and drop 5. We’ve hit with each of these DeMarini Voodoo’s for 2019 (as we have with the Voodoo line since 2014) and leave below what we have learned.

General Recommendations

In so many ways the Voodoo Balanced is exactly what we want in a bat. A great feel and dynamite performance. It is no surprise the many elite hitters at the college level use the Voodoo lineup.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

In terms of a two piece hybrid bat with a composite handle and an aluminum barrel look how about Slugger’s 718 Select? These bats feel real similar in the USSSA and USA space and comes in a similar size and price.

In the BBCOR realm, we think the most comparable bat is Easton’s new Project 3 13.6 Hybrid. This is a mid to light swinging two piece hybrid. Big barrel and a proven connection piece. But, the 13.6 only comes in a BBCOR.

Previous Bats

DeMarini claims to have made some upgrades to the handle in the 2019 version of the Voodoo. Our experience has been that we love both years of the bat line. We couldn’t tell much difference, in our hitting, from the 2018 or 2019 handle. Both feel great on hits and mishits.

The biggest difference is the addition of a drop 5 in the USA Space. A heavier swinging hybrid in the new standard will serve a lot of kids real well–especially those bigger 13 and 14 year old Babe Ruth players that can swing either BBCOR or USA.


The 2019 DeMarini Voodoo (Balanced) is a two piece hybrid bat. Hybrid refers to the fact that it has a composite handle and an aluminum barrel. The handle and connection piece is the same they use on their high end CF Zen and CF Insane lines. It is a decently stiff connection with good durability and a feel that most hitters just love. The barrel is a high grade aluminum that is considered a standard top shelf by most in the industry. More than a few elite college teams and players prefer DeMarini’s aluminum barrel over any other.