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2019 Axe Elite Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2019 Axe Elite Review Featured Image
Axe's most popular bat is the Axe Elite. That popularity is due to its big size offerings and great player feedback. It also fits well as a value bat as Axe isn't nearly as popular as it should be, which ultimately pushes the price down especially when they come off of manufacturer agreed upon pricing. In other words, if you want a value bat that isn't well known in the hybrid space its likely there's an Axe Elite out there with your name on it.
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We have been fans of the ergonomic handle on the Axe bat for several years. If you've yet to try it then you're missing out and in just a matter of a few swings you'll be accustomed to it. The Elite is likely Axe's best bat---as a two piece hybrid with hot out of the wrapper performance. Generally, our players liked the feel of the bat especially in the USA and drop 5 USSSA versions. The BBCOR version was middle of the pack but still recommendable as general BBCOR differences are small.

General Recommendations

Depending on the size you are looking for Axe's Elite likely has a good option for you. In particular, big hitters in the USA or USSSA space will should consider the drop 5 and we'd recommend that bat for the drop 5 type looking for a balanced swing. (DeMarini's CF or Slugger's Select are also great in this department but swing much heavier than the Elite). BBCOR bat isn't bad but is clearly made for hitters who want an aluminum barrel. The USSSA version are recommendable if you can find them at a good price. Generally, we think the best in the line is the drop 5's and recommend them often.

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Previous Bats

Not a lot of changes from last year's bat. Check out our 2017 and 2016 model review.


The Axe Elite (not to be confused with the Axe Elite One) is a two piece hybrid bat. Meaning, the handle is composite and the barrel is aluminum. As well, the bat's knob is shaped like and Axe to help with more ergonomic swinging. Axe claims the handle increases swing speed and they have some data to back up the claim. Expect a hot out of the wrapper bat with a smooth connection piece. Barrel size is good too.