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2018 Mizuno Covert Review | BBCOR Options

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2018 Mizuno Covert Review | BBCOR Options Featured Image
The 2018 Mizuno Covert is a two piece hybrid bat in its third year of production. The baseball bat’s first year, it ran under the name NightHawk. In 2017, it was referred to as the Covert.
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2018 Covert Models

And now, for 2018, the bat keeps its name and its entire structure. The only noticeable upgrade from last year to this is the paint job. And, some might argue, that isn’t much of an upgrade either. Here is our 2018 Mizuno Covert Review

General Recommendations

We think the Covert a mid to top end bat. It lacks the barrel size we’d like to see on a hybrid, but the two piece connection makes for a good smash. The swing weight is nice and balanced and the number of size options for 2018 (drop 10, 9, USABat and BBCOR) give many players some legit options. If you can find the 2017 version in your size, don’t hesitate either.

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Previous Bats

There are no differences, aside from the color up, between the 2017 and 2018 Covert. We refer you to the 2017 Covert Review for more insight on this bat. That is—there are no differences except for the addition of a USABat in the 2018 line of Mizuno Coverts.


Like last year, the 2018 Mizuno Covert is a two piece hybrid baseball bat built for the average size player. The aluminum barrel is built for hot out of the wrapper performance. The composite handle gives the bat a lighter feel. And the connective piece between the two attempts to dampen sting on mishits. The bat also uses variable wall thickness in the aluminum barrel. This allows for a larger sweet spot and a larger physical barrel, too, without affecting swing weight. The design is much like a few other bats on the market, and just like the 2017 version of the Mizuno Covert.