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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

2018 Louisville Slugger 718 Select Review

March 3, 2021 | by Bat Digest Review Team | @BatDigest

The 718 from Slugger is a remarkably endloaded two piece hybird bat built for a strong that likes the hot out the wrapper feel of an aluminum bat but prefer the more forgiving swing of a two piece bat.

718 Select

After a hiatus in 2017 (there is no 717, for example) the 718 responds to a number of collegiate players who were in love with the big swing of the 716 but were left out of the mix. This 2018 Louisville Slugger 718 Select fills that need and our review of the bat is below.

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Quick Review

After a hiatus in 2017 (there is no 717, for example) the 718 responds to a number of collegiate players who were in love with the big swing of the 716 but were left out of the mix. This 2018 Louisville Slugger 718 Select fills that need and our review of the bat is below.

The 718 Slugger is recommendable for strong players who want a heavy swinging bat in the two piece hybrid realm. For most that means the bat is not for them. Players who don’t have all day to spend in the weight room and, even those that do, players who prefer a single peice bat instead should look elsewhere.

BBCOR 718 Select Recommendations
2018 Louisville Slugger 718 Select Review

The good news is Slugger makes bats for other types of hitters too. The 918 Prime would serve well for hitters that like a nice light swing and good sized barrel; The 618 works for those that need the lightest swing Slugger makes; The 518 serves the need of the value purchase and the single piece aluminum fans.​

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USA 718 Select Recommendations
2018 Louisville Slugger 718 Select Review

In the first year of production, we think a hybrid bat is destined to be the best in the USABat space. We like how they don’t sting on contact, but provide the benefit of really good performance. The 718 Select falls right into the sweet spot of great USABats, and should be considered a top tier bat for 2018.

In our testing, the drop 5 was one of our favorite bats. If you are capable of swinging such a low drop then we are confident you’ll love the feel too. Although the barrel size is not as large as most composite barrels in the 2018 USABat space, we found our drop 5 exit speeds to rival any bat on the market regardless of barrel construction.

The drop 10 is in the thick of stiff competition for the 2018 USABat niche. But, even still, we think it a worthy competitor even to bats that are considerably more expensive. Expect a somewhat heavier swing weight when compared to other drop 10’s in the space, but it is still light enough to swing for a true drop 10 swinger.

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2018 vs 2016 718 Select

In short, the 718 Select is an upgraded 716 Select from 2016—that boasts a two piece hybrid structure. In the college world series we found this bat more often than any other Slugger bat. And, since this bat is built specifically for stronger hitters in the hybrid niche then it is no surprise college players preferred it over other Slugger bats. All other bats in the Slugger lineup, including the 918, 618 and 518 are built for the hitter that prefers a more balanced swing.


Bat Review

716 Select

We spent 2 hours in the cage and 1 hour in the field hitting with the 2016 Louisville Slugger 716 Select. We also spent another 2 hours reading reviews from other players and deciphering message boards that discuss this bat. In that 5 hour time, we found the 716 Select to be a lighter swinging hybrid bat built hot out of the wrapper for players who consider themselves occasional power hitters and, due to it's focused barrel, know how to hit a ball well.

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715 Select

The 715 Select from Louisville Slugger is part of their 2015 top shelf bat line.

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Comparable Bats

Although there are a lot of two piece hybrid bats in the market, not very many of them come in a significant end load like the 718 Select. The notable exception, that swings a lot like the 718, is DeMarini’s Voodoo Insane. This, too, is a two piece hybrid bat with a serious endload.

If you are in the market for a hybrid bat that swings heavy then the 718 and Voodoo Insane are about your only options. And, good for you, both bats rate high on the scale of 1 to Bomb Maker.​

2018 Beast X Hybrid
See the Beast X Hybrid Review

Easton continues their two piece hybrid design for the 2018 class in a newly named Easton Beast X Hybrid.

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2018 Voodoo Insane
See the Voodoo Insane Review

After a couple of games, several hours in the cage, reading direct user reviews, discussing the bat with the manufacturer and major vendors we put together the following review on the 2018 DeMarini Voodoo Insane. Although the bat does come with a larger barrel then the Balanced Voodoo or One, the added end weight is a real hindrance to smaller hitters. If, then, you are stronger hitter looking for a hybrid bat then we are confident you’ll be happy with the 2018 Demarini Voodoo Insane.

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2018 Voodoo Balanced
See the Voodoo Balanced Review

We hit the 2018 Voodoo Balanced a lot. We also compared it to some of the greats. In the end, we found the 2018 Voodoo can hold its own compared to any BBCOR bat in the space. They’ve met the BBCOR limit and the bat, in the right hands, can sing. The 2018 Voodoo also has a loaded version that looks just about like the balanced version other than the word Insane on the barrel.

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2018 Louisville Slugger 718 Select Review

718 Sources

We have spent the last 4 years of our lives studying bats and measuring their success. What might be the most helpful article to understand our take on the 718 Select, after reading this piece, is our Best BBCOR bats section. You may also find our 2018 Baseball Bat Reviews section useful too.

And, too, don’t forget our 716 Review. That is the most read source on the internet for information on that exact bat. And the 716 should at least lay the ground work for much of the 718 to come.

Slugger 718 USA Bat Review

After several hundred hits with the USABat 718 Select in both the drop 5 and drop 10, we write this 2018 Slugger USABat 718 Select Review. Generally, our hitters preferred the two piece design over any single piece bat we tried in the USA baseball bat space.

2018 Slugger USABat 718 Select Review

Find this in Stock

Slugger’s 2018 USA Bat Lineup

Model Price Drops Review
718 $$$ 5, 10 Here
618 $$ 11 Here
518 $$ 5, 10 Here

The drop 5, although obviously heavier, felt great in our more advanced hitters’ hands and many of them preferred it over any other drop 5 in the space. These bats, unlike the 718 BBCOR version, should be considered a balanced swing in their class.

See our BBCOR 2018 Louisville Slugger 718 Select Review

Best Place to Buy

Throughout the 2018 season you can expect to find the 718 Slugger USABat at most major retailers online. Expect the drop 5 to be more difficult to find than the drop 10. We like to check the regular bat haunts like and We never buy a bat before checking the price on Amazon.

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Slugger 718 Select Construction

2018 Slugger USABat 718 Select Review

The drop 5 and drop 10 USA 718 Slugger bats are constructed identically. That is, a hybrid bat that consists of a composite handle, Tru3 connective piece and an aluminum barrel. This is, by the way, the same way the 2018 BBCOR 718 Select is constructed, too.

The Tru3 connective piece is a mainstay in Slugger bats. Their top shelf 918 Prime has used this connective instrument that consists of a composite slug within the bat to dampen sting, for several years. The Tru3 connective design allows for, what we consider, the smoothest swing in the industry. It is literally difficult to make a mishit hurt your hands. (Still possible, no doubt, but remarkably rare).

Although the BBCOR version of the 718 Select is definitely end-loaded, both the drop 5 and drop 10 USABat versions have more focus on balance than beef. This lends for more usefulness in younger and smaller players’ hands. Attribute much of that light swing to the upgraded composite end cap (Slugger calls this an SBC) that removes enough weight in the end of the swing to consider it a balanced bat.

718 Select USABat Comparables

2018 Slugger 718 Select Review USABat

The USABat space is new enough that some bats stand alone in their category. The 718 Select, for better or worse, is not one of them. In fact, the hybrid space is surprisingly crowded in the USABat space.

The most comparable to the 718 USABat, we think, is Easton’s Beast X Hybrid. The Beast X Hybrid is a drop 10 bat built with a hybrid design. The barrel is bigger on the Beast X Hybrid, but that made no difference in our exit speed tests.

718 USABat Select Sizing

2018 Slugger USABat 718 Select Review

  • 29, 30, 31 & 32-inch for the drop 10
  • 30, 31 & 32 for the drop 5

2018 718 Select Construction

The major difference between the 716 and the 718 is that the 718 swings heavier. The 718 also uses a redesigned endcap, made from composite, that helps dial in the swing weight. But, aside from those two MAJOR changes, the only differences are color scheme.

Both bats, like many of the top line Slugger bats, use the TRU3 connective piece. The 7 series of bats also use the same composite handle found in the 918 Primes. The barrel of the 718 is the same barrel found in the Omaha 518. The 718 is designed as a hybrid of the 918 and 518 bats. ​

Bat Sizing Options

The 2018 Louisville Slugger 718 Select comes in a BBCOR and a USA Bat version. The USA Bat version is a much lighter swing, on average, then the 718 which is built for the stronger highschool or collegiate player.

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