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2018 Easton S750C & S750 USA Bat Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2018 Easton S750C & S750 USA Bat Review Featured Image
The 2018 Easton S750C and S750 are USA Bats exclusive to Dicks Sporting Goods (although now you can buy them on Amazon).
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2018 S750C Video

2018 S750C Models

They are legitimate options in the mid to lower range performance space. Both are versions of the Easton Beast X Hybrid and Easton Beast X and less expensive than their respective Easton top-end counterparts. Compared to paper, the bats lose a higher grade aluminum in the barrel and, in the case of the 750C, an older composite handle. That said, like many USSSA and USA Bats, it weighs more than its stated weight. Scale weight and swing weight are different things, but even the swing weight on the S750 is high compared to its "drop 10" counterparts. This bat should be considered a drop 8.

General Recommendations

For the price, and considering the limited hybrid options in the USA Bat space this year, we like the two piece hybrid S750C USA Bat. Those looking for a more reasonable price in the hybrid bat space should really consider it.

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The major difference between the S750 and Easton Beast X construction is the newer alloy (ATAC) used in the Easton Beast X. The newer alloy allows for a longer barrel profile than that in the S750. The S750 uses Easton's older alloy referred to as HMX. That X in the name refers to the eXtended barrel the ATAC makes possible.