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2018 Easton Ghost X Hyperlite USABat Review

In short, we think the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite is a ho-hum drop 11 USABat on the market for 2018.

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Ho-hum might be putting it nicely. The lack of weight in this bat as well as the single piece design made it an absolute hand killer. We don’t know of a single person that thought it was great. If you see slow pitch speed and need as much bat speed as possible then its a maybe. If the price is right go for it. Otherwise, if you need a light swing, look elsewhere.

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At the time of this writing there are three drop 11 USABats on the market: the Rawlings VELO and Rawlings 5150 as well as the Slugger 618 Solo. With all respect to Rawlings, we don’t think either the VELO or 5150 hold a candle to the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite. The 618, however, felt great for us. But, it lacked the barrel size and oar like feel that many of our younger players tended to prefer.

The 5150, VELO and 618 Solo are single piece aluminum bats at a fraction of a price point when compared to the Hyperlite.

If the price point of the Ghost X Hyperlite wasn’t in our wheelhouse, or we disliked it for any other reason, we’d go with the 618 Solo in a drop 11 for the light swing.


The Ghost X Hyperlite is a single piece composite bat. It is the only single piece composite bat in all of the USABat space for 2018. In many regards, it serves the market where Combat (now defunct) may have delivered.

Those familiar with Dirty South Bats will be quick to claim the Hyperlite is not the only USABat in a single piece composite. Fair enough. But at the time of this writing we have yet to see that bat in production although it is widely talked about.

The composite in the Ghost X Hyperlite is referred to by Easton as EXACT Carbon Composite. It is the same composite material they use in the Ghost X line from BBCOR and USSSA.