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2018 Easton Beast X Reviews

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2018 Easton Beast X Reviews Featured Image
The 2018 Easton Beast X is the progeny of the 2017 Easton Z-Core line of bats.
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2018 Beast X Models

That is, the Beast X is a line of single piece aluminum bats that come in a light (speed) or heavy (loaded) swing speed. There is a subset of the Beast X that is referred to as the Hybrid, but we review that elsewhere. After extensive use with the Beast X, we put together this 2018 Easton Beast X Review.

General Recommendations

Easton, in predictable fashion, has a whole slew of bats for every size and player. One of those, lost in the mix when first released in September of 2017, is the Easton Beast X USA Bat. To clear any confusion, this bat is not the Beast X Hybrid USA Bat, which we have great things to say about. Nor is it the Easton Beast X Hyperlite USA Bat, which we also have things to say about.

Reviews By Model

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Although a considerable name change, which makes the two bat lines almost unrecognizable, the truth is the 2017 Z-Core and the 2018 Beast X are very similar bats. Easton did upgraded some of the aluminum properties in the Beast X to add some durability. But it didn't change the already large barrel size of the Z-Core. Nor did it affect the swing weight when comparing the Speed and XL versions of the line.

The biggest change was a redesign of the two piece connective piece, but that only affected the Hybrid versions of the Beast X/Z-Core. We will discuss that in our review of that bat.


The Beast X is a single piece aluminum bat. It is made with Easton's most elite alloy (which is good). But, the bat runs in a number of different lengths, weights and leagues. They also have a version called the Hybrid which is a two piece bat. In any event, make sure you know which version you are buying as plenty of bats in the market today go by the Easton Beast X.

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