2018 Axe Element Review

Axe’s entry level performance bat in 2018 is the Axe Element. (They do have a cheaper bat called the Origin). This is a single piece bat with the knob and end cap tech that has made Axe a major brand in the bat space.

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The major change in this year’s Element from last year’s is the addition of a USABat to complement the USSSA Drop 10 and BBCOR drop 3. The following serves as our 2018 Axe Element Review.

The Axe Element, in some fashion, has been produced in the last several years. It serves as the entry level bat in Axe’s performance space. Buying the Element is the least expensive way to get the asymmetric handle on a knob in a performance bat.

(There is a bat Axe calls the Origin. It is built like the Axe Element but uses less impressive materials. For whatever reason, we do not consider the Origin in our performance bat categories. If you want the Axe Experience, we suggest you at least start with the Element at least.)

Our recommendations are divided by the type of Element you are looking for. That is: Big Barrel USSSA, USABAT and BBCOR

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2018 Axe Element Review

In all fairness to the Axe Element, and the Axe brand in general, there are simply no other bats on the market like the Axe. The oval knob and asymmetric end cap are simply not found elsewhere. Axe’s patent makes it so.

But, if we are looking for a stretch similar bat, we think the Voodoo One might be a distant cousin. It, too, is a single piece aluminum made in the USSSA, BBCOR and USABat space. It is also a single piece aluminum built with a mild end load.


The 2018 Element is a single piece aluminum bat with an endload that uses an asymmetric handle and end cap to improve swing performance.

It also uses an “Endogrid” system on the asymmetric knob which helps dampen sting. The Axe Endogrid is a synthetic piece that absorbs vibration.

We have long discussed the benefits of the unique Axe design. In short, an oval knob gives you better bat control and better bat control gives you better at bats. The knob’s shape forces contact on one side of the barrel which gives engineers more ability to produce a durable bat.