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2018 Anderson Techzilla S-Series USA Bat Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2018 Anderson Techzilla S-Series USA Bat Review Featured Image
We spent several hours using the 2018 Anderson Techzilla S-Series bat before writing this review. That includes using the bat during live pitching with multiple hitters, hitting with the bat in cage and measuring many of its metrics like exit speed and swing weight.
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On the whole, the Techzilla S-Series should be considered a top end performance USA Bat in the Hybrid Drop 9 space.

General Recommendations

There are so few great options in the 2018 USA Bat space it is very easy to put the S-Series Techzilla on the short list of anyone. If you are a hitter that wants the power found in a true drop 9, want a great feel on hits and mishits, would like to try something off the beaten path then put the S-Series on your short list. If you also want an aluminum barrel have a mid $200 budget then might we suggest you just found your 2018 bat? Anderson is a proven bat company committed to delivering legitimate options to the space. And, who doesn’t want to try out the new Techzilla? The barrel profile is nothing to write home about. It measures under the average of the space. But, we think, barrel profile is way overrated anyways. As of this writing the bat is only available in a 30-inch. But, they expect that to change very shortly. Don’t be scared off by the drop 9 categorization. This bat swings lighter than a few drop 10’s in the 2018 USA space.

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Different then other baseball Techzilla’s of year’s past, the 2018 S-Series USA Bat is a two piece hybrid bat. Meaning, the handle is made of composite and the barrel is aluminum. Our experience to date with USA Bats tends to lend preference towards two piece hybrid bats. We have seen younger players appreciate the smoother feel of a two piece bat and comment on the hot out of the wrapper performance of an alloy barrel. An aluminum barrel doesn’t require any break in and the lack of experience about USA Bat performance gives these barrels no questioning if they are ready to go (like it happens on composite). The drop 9 is simply an honest assessment of the barrels swing weight and actual weight. Other bats in the space, and we talk about this ad naseum elsewhere, rarely weigh what they say. In fact, based on actual weight, most drop 10 bats in the USA 2018 space should be drop 9s. The Techzilla weighs and swings no different then them but, instead, is simply stated as a correct drop 9.

Techzilla S-Series