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2017 Marucci Hex Connect Review

By Bat Digest

Updated August 10, 2023

2017 Marucci Hex Connect Review Featured Image
2017 Hex Connect Video

2017 Hex Connect Models

Our 2017 Marucci Hex Connect review comes on the heels of three 13U tournaments and no less than 1000 hacks in a cage with the bat. We used it with big hitters, small hitters, good hitters, and bad hitters. We've spent time trading emails with the manufacturers and a couple of major vendors, downloading their take. We've made some videos of the bat in the cage and at un-boxing. This background, combined with the now thousands of hours we have spent reviewing and writing about baseball and softball bats contribute to the following 2017 Marucci Hex Connect review.

General Recommendations

The Hex Connect is built for the player looking for maximum barrel size and a light swing. It also provides a smooth drive on contact due to its new connective design. These features make the bat appealing to a large selection of players in the big barrel space. Those who prefer one-piece designs, aluminum barrels, or very stiff transitions with a lot of feedback were not as in love with this bat.

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Previous Bats

In 2015, Marucci released a bat called the Marucci HEX Composite. This was a single-piece composite bat with a monster barrel. We are big fans. The Hex Connect, we could argue, is just a step away from the 2015 Hex. Its stark difference is the two-piece nature of the bat and the added tech inside the connective piece. Outside of that stretch comparison, it's reasonable to suggest the Hex Connect is a new bat altogether from Marucci. Their foray into the gigantic two-piece composite space with an oversized barrel and light swing isn't surprising at all.


The Hex will NOT be released in a BBCOR. Rather, only a Senior League (2 5/8) and Big Barrel  (2 3/4) version in a drop 10. High school and collegiate players might be disappointed by that news, but they should remember Marucci's big push in the drop 3 space is the Marucci CAT 7 and the new Marucci CAT 7 Connect. If it's the soft feel Marucci's new two-piece design players are after, the same connective SDX tech found in the Hex Connect can be found in the CAT 7 Connect which does come in BBCOR.

Hex Connect