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2017 Boombah Cannon Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2017 Boombah Cannon Review Featured Image
The 2017 Boombah Cannon is produced in both a BBCOR and a drop 10 senior league (2 5/8) barrel size. These are the two major categories in the baseball bat space. As well, these two categories are the same sizes they produced the 2015 Boombah Cannon in too. The Drop 10 comes in a 30 and 29-inch lengths while the BBCOR is made in a 33 and 32-inch lengths.
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Boombah is a direct-to-consumer company. That is, they do not use third-party vendors to deliver their goods to you. Instead, you buy them directly on their site. You will not find them at major sporting goods stores. As such, finding reviews on the Boombah Cannon are not to be found on major vendor sites or the ever-growing list of fake thin amazon affiliate sites claiming to review bats. If you can't get paid for writing a review, then why write it! Good question, one that does not stop us.

General Recommendations

Players looking for very light swing weight and an oversized aluminum barrel should put the 2017 Boombah Cannon on their shortlist. If the goal is to acquire a two-piece hybrid bat with an extended composite end cap then the Boombah Cannon is the only answer. Other bats have similar ideas, but in terms of a hybrid with an extended composite end cap, they are left with the Boombah Cannon only. The Boombah line also lends toward the value-conscious consumer. Boombah's direct-to-consumer model prices bats about $50 less than other new models in the same niche.

Reviews By Model

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The 2017 Boombah, much like the 2015 version, uses a two piece hybrid design. Meaning, the barrel is made of aluminum and the handle composite. In theory, and our experience too, this hybrid design proves to decrease hand ring on mishits. It also gives a smoother smash. In some instances it gives a false positive. That is, an impression the ball was hit very well when, in fact, it was not. We find that younger players tend to prefer two-piece bats more often as it gives them more confidence to swing harder. Also, like the 2015 version, the 2017 uses an extended composite end cap. Adding lighter material at the end of the barrel decreases swing weight and helps for better bat control. Faster speeds at contact usually mean a further hit ball but, do remember, a lighter bat also carries less mass and, hence, less force. It is the age-old play between swing weight and swing speed. But, again, younger players tend to appreciate the ability to wield the bat more effectively. Balls in play are better than strikeouts.


Unlike the 2015 version, the 2017 Cannon uses a "Flight Tech" feature which gives texture to the barrel of the bat. The Boombah claim is this increases backspin and, therefore, increases ultimate flight distance. This feature is used on other bats on the market---notably some fastpitch bats. While backspin can indeed increase ball distance in theory, we find it unlikely that the paint texture on the barrel can affect this enough to create a difference. But, like they have no proof to say it does, we have no studies to prove it does not.