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2017 Axe MB50 Review | Best Looking Bat of 2017

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2017 Axe MB50 Review | Best Looking Bat of 2017 Featured Image
Of all the bats we have hit in 2017, the MB50 is the best looking. In more detail, the following comprises our 2017 Axe MB50 Review.
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After several hours of hitting with the 2017 Limited Edition Axe MB50, we have enough information to make recommendations. On the whole, a big barrel player looking for the honest feel of a single-piece bat, who also prefers a lighter swing should have the MB50 on their shortlist. The asymmetric end cap and barrel built for predictive impact are useful and proven tools.

General Recommendations

Players who like the smoother feel of a two piece bat, or the deep pop sound of a composite barrel, should not consider the MB50 from Axe a viable option. As well, those who need anything but a drop 10 swing are out of luck, as this is only a drop 10 bat. (BBCOR hitters should see the 2017 Axe Hyperwhip Fusion).

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In-depth discussions of the Axe's asymmetric handle and asymmetric end cap can be found on this site. Each element contributes to the idea of a faster bat and a barrel built for predictive impact. The MB50 takes each of those principles and applies them in a drop 10 2 5/8 senior barrel in a single piece of aluminum. It is a remarkably unique baseball bat.