Hyperwhip Fusion

2017 Axe Hyperwhip Fusion Review

The 2017 HyperWhip Fusion is poised to be Axe’s standout BBCOR bat, offering a competitive edge with its reasonable price, light swing, and sizable barrel. Its single-piece aluminum design caters to the current preference for a wood-like feel and enhanced power, further complemented by the innovative Axe Handle for more predictable hitting. However, its limited size options might not suit all, particularly younger players in need of lighter swings. While it offers some vibration dampening, it may not rival the comfort of two-piece composites.

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2017 Hyperwhip Fusion Models

Models Overview

Aside from the 2016 model with the name Axe Element Hyperwhip, there really are no comparable bats to the 2017 Hyperwhip Fusion. Sure, there are single-piece aluminum bats with an extended end cap, but none of those have the asymmetric knob or endcap.

General Recommendations

If we were stretching, we’d suggest the 2017 Louisville Slugger 617 Solo. That is also a single-piece aluminum with an extended end cap that only comes in a BBCOR. As well, the 2017 VELO from Rawling has a similar intent as a single-piece aluminum with the extended composite end cap for a light swing. The VELO has the benefit of other size options outside of BBCOR. However, neither of those bats come with the ergonomic knob nor the barrel made for one-sided hitting.

Reviews By Model


We cover the intricacies of the Axe Hyperwhip in our 2016 review on the Axe Element. For that discussion, we point you there. The 2017 and 2016 models are identical aside from color. Here we give some short overviews of the very unique construction of the 2017 Hyperwhip Fusion.

  • Asymmetric Knob for fast bat speed
  • Barrel designed with one-sided hitting in mind
  • EndoGrip knob for lessened vibrations
  • Asymmetric end cap for decreased swing weight
  • A 3-inch-ish composite end cap fused into the aluminum barrel for a lighter swing