2017 Axe Element Review

In what stands to be confusing, the 2017 Axe Element looks almost exactly like the 2016 Axe Element Hyperwhip. Both are green and black and have an asymmetric end cap. Those two bats are quite a bit different, as the Hyperwhip has an elongated composite end cap for ultra-light swing weight. Do not confuse the two or you will experience vastly different bats. Our 2017 Axe Hyperwhip review is found here.  The 2017 Hyperwhip Fusion is red and pictured above.

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We have hit with the Axe Element for well over a season. That experience, combined with meticulously combing user experiences for feedback on the 2017 Axe Element, gives us some insight for this 2017 Axe Element Review.

General Recommendations

The 2017 Axe Element may serve a few in the batting practice market, too. It runs a bit heavy in terms of swing weight and is ultra-durable. The asymmetric knob caters to the player who takes a lot of hacks, and in the long run, will feel better on your hands.

Our experience with the bat showed a decent-sized sweet spot.

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Comparable Bats

In terms of a single-piece aluminum alloy bat with a moderate to lighter swing weight, your options might as well be endless in the BBCOR, Big Barrel, and Youth Barrel spaces. Bats like Slugger’s 517 Omaha and the Warstic are just a few.

But, in terms of an asymmetric handle and end cap found on a single-piece aluminum bat, your options are next to zero. The only comparable bat would be the 2016 or 2017 Hyperwhip Fusion from Axe, but as we state above, that bat has an extended composite end cap to lower swing weight.

Previous Bats

The 2017 Axe Element is a single-piece bat made of aluminum. Axe claims to use a very strong aluminum alloy, and we have no reason to doubt them. Durability concerns from users are non-existent. This is the same as the 2016 version.

Yet the changes in 2017 from 2016 are significant. In 2017, in addition to the famous asymmetric knob, the endcap is also asymmetric. Axe’s 2017 Element takes advantage of the predictive impact made possible by the asymmetric knob. This asymmetric endcap helps lower swing weight because less material is needed at the bat’s end. As such, the 2017 Element has a lighter swing weight than the 2016 version, in addition to an asymmetric end cap.