Aero Burner Red

2017 Adidas Aero Burner Red

Few have hit with the 2017 Adidas Aero Burner Red BBCOR bat. But, those who have only have great things to say.

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Every review we read, and every player we talked to, said roughly the same thing. They were amazed at how well this bat did compared to other, similar, sinlge piece aluminum bats like the Rawlings VELO or Slugger 518. And, the price is attractive enough today for those looking in that single piece aluminum market to take a bet on it.

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In terms of a stiff, but light, single piece aluminum bat you do have options. In fact, many of them. In the performance bat space take a close look at the Rawlings VELO or Slugger Omaha series of bats. Those, too, are built with a single piece of aluminum, have a entry level price point and swing light.


The 2017 Aero Burner Red is a straight forward single piece aluminum bat with a good sized barrel and a light swing weight. It is as traditional as they come with a light swing, old school grip and nice, loud, sound.