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2016 Easton Z-Core Review: The New S3z

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2016 Easton Z-Core Review: The New S3z Featured Image
The 2016 Easton Z-Core (Amazon Price Check) is a single-piece and balanced swinging aluminum alloy bat. The Z-Core, not to be confused with the Z-Core Torq or Z-Core XL, incorporates an internal composite reinforcement along the barrel's length. This gives the bat a considerably large barrel for a single piece alloy. Easton's marketing literature often refers to this as 'Mako-sizing' the bat, which is about, obviously, the Easton MAKO's considerable barrel size.
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2016 Z-Core Video

2016 Z-Core Models

The bat comes with a middle of the road swing weight not nearly as hand loaded as the traditional Easton MAKO but nowhere close to as heavy swinging as the Z-Core's fatter brother: The 2016 Easton Z-Core XL. In the drop 3 (BBCOR), Easton is currently offering a limited edition of the bat for the same price point. But you need to go right to their site to get that small quantity offer.

General Recommendations

The 2016 Easton Z-Core is a hot out of the wrapper BBCOR bat with a middle of the road swing weight. As such, we'd recommend the bat for Collegiate or High School players who like the idea of a performance name bat with a balanced swing and a reasonable price tag. Most who prefer single piece aluminum bats do so for the power associated with them. They also tend to prefer end-loaded bats (like the Z-Core XL or Demarini Insane). This paints the 2016 Z-Core as a less compelling option for most high school and collegiate hitters looking for one piece of power.

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The 2016 Easton Z-Core is the 2nd printing of the 2015 Easton S3z. The 2016 version incorporates a new color design and nothing, as far as we've been told or been able to gather, further. The 2015 S3z was an upgrade in barrel size and swing load towards the hands compared to the 2014 Easton S2. In the grand scheme of 2016 things, the Easton Z-Core is akin to the Easton Z-Core XL but with a lighter swing weight. It is also the same bat as the 2016 Z-Core TORQ but without the rotating handle.