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2016 Combat Vigor Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2016 Combat Vigor Review Featured Image
Our 2016 Combat Vigor Review comes after 4 hours of use and about 600 hacks. The bat is true to its Combat roots as it is a single-piece composite bat with a little bit of hand ring when hit on the wrong spot---but when hit well on the sweet spot, the bat performs admirably. The Vigor is a balanced bat with a slim feeling handle and a stock Lizard Skin Grip.
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2016 Vigor Models

You definitely lose some barrel size on the Vigor when compared to some of the more top-shelf bats---the Combat MAXUM being one of them. But the price difference in something like the Combat Vigor (compared to the MAXUM, DeMarini CF8, or Easton MAKO) may give plenty of reason to give up a couple of inches of the barrel for a more affordable option.

General Recommendations

The bat lacks the barrel size many have come to expect from the Combat line of performance bats---specifically the MAXUM and Portent lines.

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Single piece composite bats also tend to be the most prone to cracking than hybrid and single-piece alloy bats. But, if you buy it new, the bat comes with a one year (one-time replacement) warranty.