2015 RIP-IT Helium Review

When we wrote a highly read review on the Mako Torq and its spinning handle a few months back we asked, “what will the baseball bat industry think of next?” Well, we finally have our answer: It’s the RIP-IT Helium BBCOR bat that will be available for the 2015 season.

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At first glance we thought the idea of naming bats after stable gasses was a great idea. Light swings are en vogue these days and what better way to brand that idea than a bat named after a gas. 2015 could be Helium. 2016 they could go with Neon. 2017 could be Argon and then you’d be left with Chlorine in 2018–which no one would buy on that name. Surely 2019 would be Krypton to revitalize the bat line and who wouldn’t want a bat named Krypton? The gas-naming theme seemed perfectly sane.

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And by a bit more, I mean a lot more. The bat isn’t just named after a gas, the bat is actually pressured with the gas inside. Yes, the 2015 RIP-IT Helium bat is air sealed through a 47 step process and then, like a basketball, pumped full of helium gas. The pressure is actually so much they need to get special clearance from the government to ship the bat around the country. Not kidding.

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But what this helium pressurized cabin allows is more mass in the barrel to support the integrity of the sweet spot and barrel length without adding to the swing weight–because that added barrel weight to support its structure and function is negated by a lighter than air material pushing the bat away from the earth.

This idea, at least in part, solves the age old conundrum of metal bats whose science is in keeping the virtue of a big and strong barrel while also encouraging faster swings through a low swing weight (or MOI). From a pure ideas stand point this may be the best one I’ve ever heard in the bat space. #dontneedaspinninghandle


Like other 2015 RIP-IT performance baseball bats (Air Elite and Air), the 2015 RIP-IT Helium bat feels smooth and is unpretentious: it is a bat made to hit baseballs—not make you dinner. The Helium has a hand loaded swing weight like DeMarini’s CF7 or the Rawlings’ Velo and has a noticeably lighter swing weight than the Air or Air Elite also from RIP-IT. It comes with a 400 day warranty. The RIP-IT Helium is a 5 piece bat made of an aluminum alloy and perfectly sealed and tested to contain pressurized helium gas.