2015 Mizuno MaxCor Review

Before we get into the good stuff (aka fascinating baseball science and technology) here are some basics of the 2015 Mizuno MaxCor.

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Models Overview

It is a heavier balanced bat. Its swing weight is similar to Slugger’s 715 Select. The MaxCor swings heavier than the 2015 Generations also from Mizuno.

The 2015 Mizuno MaxCor is only available in BBCOR.

General Recommendations

Most importantly, if you buy from the right places, the MaxCor comes with a dope faux-leather bat sheath. Justbats.com should be pimping that little case stand alone. It’s stiff and padded on the inside. More high-end performance bats should do this. Pricing is found here.

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Ball Rotation

It is often told that a one mph increase in batted ball speed gives 5 more feet of distance. This is, for most intents and purposes, a true statement. However, at least as far as I played with Dr. Alan Nathan’s trajectory calculator, I could find no such memorable axiom for how ball rotation effects distance.

There are several reasonable scenarios where doubling the backspin increases ball flight by a max of 7 or 8 feet. However, we are not told how much Mizuno thinks the MaxCor increases rotation. Nominal increases (like 10-20%) as well as any rotation for a ball sub 40mph are not distance affected. Some scenarios, especially for very high speeds, are actually hampered by increases in rotation and ALL distances are affected negatively by off axis rotation.