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2015 Easton S3z Review

By Bat Digest

Updated August 10, 2023

2015 Easton S3z Review Featured Image
With the Easton MAKO and MAKO Torq getting all the publicity these days, the industry may be missing a new concept bat in Easton's 2015 Power Brigade lineup. The new S3z for 2015 incorporates what Easton learned in the all-aluminum S3 from years past and combined that with some industry tricks to create a long-barreled one-piece aluminum stick with a patented composite internal sleeve.
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Those BBCOR hitters looking for a full piece aluminum bat with a brand bat may want to take the S3z for a spin. We think it clearly an improvement over the BBCOR S3 from years past. Any one-piece aluminum hitter who prefers a light swing weight should probably have this big barreled aluminum bat from Easton on the shortlist.

General Recommendations

We recommend the 2015 Easton S3z for hitters who: Prefer aluminum barrels; Like one-piece aluminum bats; Are looking for the latest innovation but don't want to spend the latest innovation prices; Prefer a balanced to light swing weight; Also need a BBCOR bat.

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We thought the 2014 S3 from Easton often suffered from too small of a sweet spot and a bat that was nearly too light to create any mustard on hits. The added barrel length in the S3z and its attention to a more balanced swing (instead of a handle load) are definitely improvements. The bat, to some extent, reminds us of the original Exogrid bat from Louisville Slugger. I am sure Easton (or Slugger) wouldn't accept that comparison, but an internal composite sleeve on a full aluminum shell has been done before. And, for what it's worth, the Exogrid was a very good, if not a bit heavy, bat. The S3z, with its new HyperLite aluminum alloy blend, does have addressed sometimes 'too heavy' complaint the ExoGrid suffered from.

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