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2015 Easton MAKO XL Review

Easton adds a subcategory to the MAKO line this year in the MAKO XL. This bat is the youth version of the 2014 Easton XL1. In the MAKO XL line, there is only this single bat.

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2015 Mako XL Models

Models Overview

Not much has changed between the 2014 Youth XL1 and the 2015 MAKO XL other than the type of composite used (oh yeah, and the name). We are not quite sure why the name and category change occurred but leave it to the bat industry to change names on bats for no apparent reason other than to confuse us. The upgrade of the material to the composite made famous by the MAKO seems like a good enough reason, we guess.

General Recommendations

This bat comes in a drop 10 2 1/4 barrel version only. This bat is end-loaded. If you want or need a lighter swing then you should look at the Youth MAKO which comes in a drop 11 and has a bit smaller barrel.

Overall this bat is an absolute beast. The upgrade of the XL1, which we thought was the best youth baseball bat in 2014, to an improved MAKO type composite seems like a step in the right direction.

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