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2015 Combat Portent G3 Review

There is a whole list of things I think about when the word Canada comes to mind.

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Nowhere on the list, at least until now, has been baseball bats. But the truth is, a couple relatively inconspicuous companies have been making really good baseball bats from America’s 51st state for quite a while. The first, a wood bat swung by a bunch of MLBers is Sam Bats. The second is a composite bat and hybrid bat company named Combat.

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Combat is a little league household name because of its ability to create one piece composite bats. The original one piece composite, called the B1 DaBomb, is one of the best little league bats ever made. Combat took that success and, every year since, has released an iteration of the one piece composite.

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The genealogy of today’s Portent G3 looks something like this: B1 DaBomb, B2 DaBomb, B2 Reloaded, B3, B3 Gear Retro, B4, B4 Portent, Portent and now, the Portent G3.

If you just did the count the¬†Portent G3 would be Combat’s B9. We think the B9 Bomber would have been a great name. Next year a B10 Bomber would have been even better. But alas, the Portent G3 it is.


For 2015, Combat in particular released a whole slew of bats: A two piece full composite bat called the 2015 Wanted (which is a color and grip upgrade from the 2014 Wanted version); A new line in a two-piece hybrid (composite handle, aluminum barrel) in the Hybrid Fray; and a list of barrel sizes and drops in their flagship one-piece composite with a 2015 name of Portent G3 (Price Check).