2015 Axe Avenge Bat Review

Those who have read this blog (or those who have paid attention to the bat space for more than just a few minutes) know that bat hype these days is more emphasized than bat performance.

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Buckets full of money are spent flooding the market with these ‘hypchanics’, the mechanics of hype.

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General Recommendations

We all know one metal baseball bat, to a large extent, can’t be manufactured to be much different than the next one. Don’t get me wrong, there are clearly some nuances that are worth noting and purchasing, but it seems that among the good dozen or more of top shelf bats, the differences are more often than not, negligible. Ultimately, we base bat decisions on a function of a bat’s swing weight and contact feel. But what if a piece of hypchanics was a solid hit?

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Now for logistics. The 2015 Axe Avenge bat has a middle range swing weight comparable to the 2015 Slugger 515 Omaha or Adidas EQT X1. It is a two piece composite bat in the class of the S1, CF7 and 915 among others.

All in all the Axe Avenge makes for a very enjoyable hitting experience. The Axe bat with its ax handle shape is not a hoax or gimmick. It is not just another exercise in baseball bat hypchanics. The handle is a true innovation in the bat space and measurably improves the hitting experience. Those looking in the top shelf bat space should sharpen up their short list by considering the Axe bat.

The best place to purchase will be here. In the mean time, you can order on the Baden Sports Web Site here. Bats started shipping on 10/1/2014.