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2024 Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid

By Bat Digest

Updated September 30, 2023

2024 Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid Featured Image
The 2024 Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid is a two-piece bat built for a stronger hitter. We love the handle and think it's the best in the business, giving hitters the ability to "choke down." In BBCOR, it can hit the ball as hard as anything we've tested. It's got a decent-sized barrel and feels really good on hits and mishits. We recommend it for any stronger hitter looking at bats like The Goods, PWR Select or Connect. In USA, we like the hybrid as a heavier option with a great handle.
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2024 Bonesaber Hybrid Models

Overall, we think the 2024 Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid is a legit BBCOR bat with top-of-the-line performance. It hits the ball as hard as anything we've got in our arsenal. We are in love with the handle. Its swing weight is most certainly made for the bigger hitter--in line with bats like the Slugger Select PWR and The Goods. But, if you can swing it and want something that easily allows you to choke down a bit during that dead red pitch count, then this bat is for you.

General Recommendations

Power hitters will like this bat. Good hitters who like a more balanced swing can also like it as the handle really allows the ability to move around, and change your swing weight on the fly. We super appreciate the ability to 'choke down' and think it leads to a different kind of hitting experience. In terms of overall power and pop, like most high-end bats, if you can find the barrel you'll clobber it.

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Previous Bats

This is the first year Warstic has released a Bonesaber Hybrid. They do have a single-piece version of the bat (called the Bonesaber).


The Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid is a two-piece bat built with a composite handle connected to an alloy barrel. The barrel profile is relatively smaller than most bats but it's big enough to find the barrel if you're good. Swing weight is towards the 'heavier' end in line with bats like the DeMarini The Goods and the Slugger Select PWR.

Bonesaber Hybrid