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2024 Marucci CAT X Connect Vanta Review

By Bat Digest

Updated September 30, 2023

2024 Marucci CAT X Connect Vanta Review Featured Image
The 2024 Marucci CAT X Vanta Connect is a two-piece hybrid bat with a  great barrel and a good swing weight. The bat, as of now, only comes in a BBCOR version which is different than its' previous 2023 version that came in USSSA too. The CAT X Vanta Connect is a reprint of the 2023 CAT X Connect but with a $20 price increase and a new colorway. That previous version of the bat was a rockstar in our eyes. Kids who wanted to jump into the hybrid game could find a great bat with a lighter-than-average hybrid swing weight and a really great feel. There will be no differences in the 2024 Cat X Vanta Connect.
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2024 CAT X Vanta Connect Video
*Note: The current bat is still under review. Our ratings will change as more information is gathered and more players get it in their hands. Expect updates.

2024 CAT X Vanta Connect Models

We like the CAT X Vanta Connect for the middle-of-the-order hitter who likes a stiffer feel and a bit of a load. The bat feels excellent and is often the most liked bat at collegiate-level teams who swing Marucci. As an example, LSU made a full killing with the predecessor of this bat in the 2023 CWS. Those who want a hybrid not named the DeMarini The Goods or Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid should really like this iteration from Marucci.

General Recommendations

This bat is a great pick if you love the colorway and have an extra $20 to burn. Otherwise, we like the 2023 just as much as its the same bat, and you can usually pick it up for a few dollars less than this (admittedly great looking) black-on-black colorway. In any case, it's a great bat with a great barrel and stiffer feel, and it can hit the crank out of the ball as long as you can get it somewhere on the barrel—big fans.

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No changes exist between the 2023 CAT X Connect and the 2024 CAT X Vanta Connect. Well, that is to say, there's no USSSA version of the CAT X Connect so that is a difference. But, when comparing the BBCOR you'll find the same exact bat but with a black-on-black colorway in 2024---and you'll spend $20 more. So, we guess, there are some differences, but not in any mechanical sense.


The CATX CONNECT VANTA BBCOR features a two-piece hybrid construction combining an S-40 composite handle with an AZR alloy barrel, optimized for power and performance. With an outer-locking system that minimizes vibrations, this bat boasts an expanded sweet spot, ring-free barrel construction, and a custom-molded handle taper for an enhanced fit and feel, and is BBCOR certified with a one-year warranty.

CAT X Vanta Connect