2024 Easton Split Review

The 2024 Easton Split BBCOR bat is a heavier swinging bat built for a bigger hitter who wants Easton’s hybrid model. This is a rethink of the 2023 Encore that got decent to good reviews. This type of bat is usually less preferred than lighter swinging two piece composites or single piece alloys. In the Hybrid space, bats like The Goods or Hybrid Bonesaber seem to get better uptake than Easton’s hybrid which, for 2024, is the Split.

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The 2024 Easton Split is a two piece hybrid bat with a decent sized barrel and a heavier swing built for bigger hitters. With its predecessor (The 2023 Encore) still widely available and at a significant discount it’s hard to suggest the Split as the first choice for those in the Hybrid market who want an Easton bat with a heavier swing. That said, we think the bat will serve well that bigger hitter who want Easton’s latest and greatest even if it’s pretty much the Encore with a better emphasis on the hybrid design.

General Recommendations

Two piece hybrid bats with heavier swings are built, usually, for stronger and more elite hitters who want as much swing weight as possible in the BBCOR space. That is the case for the 2023 Split as well. This is Easton’s version of a hybrid bat and competes with bats like The Goods and Bonesaber Hybrid.

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Comparable Bats

Compare this bat with ones like The Goods, Select PWR and Warstic Hybrid.

Previous Bats

The previous version of the Easton Split is the Easton Encore and aside from the name and color scheme, the ball has a lot of the same tech. It uses the same *30% thinner* alloy, Purlynk CXN Connection piece, Power Boost Knob and Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle. The barrel is a “Comp Core Tech” which is the same as the Encore was too.

In other words, although the look and vibe of the Split is different than the Encore, its a bat built almost exactly like it.


The 2024 Easton Split BBCOR -3 baseball bat is constructed using Easton’s CompCore technology, which combines an thin alloy exterior wall with an inner barrel made of lightweight composite material. This design results in a thinner alloy wall compared to competitors, by about 30% as claimed by Easton. The bat also features a PureLynk CXN connection joint that separates the handle and barrel, allowing them to act independently to minimize vibration on mishits. Additionally, it has a Pro Stiff carbon handle with a slight end-load, aimed at providing a powerful swing and feel for the hitter​

Our Parting Pitch

The 2024 Easton Split BBCOR bat, with its heavier swing, targets bigger hitters seeking Easton’s latest hybrid offering—a revamped version of the decently received 2023 Encore. Generally, hybrids like Easton’s Split are overshadowed by the more popular light-swinging composites or single-piece alloys. In the hybrid category, models like The Goods or Hybrid Bonesaber tend to outshine Easton’s, highlighting the Split’s challenge in gaining traction for 2024.