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2024 DeMarini The Goods Review

By Bat Digest

Updated August 17, 2023

2024 DeMarini The Goods Review Featured Image
The 2024 The Goods from DeMarini is a two-piece hybrid with a great feel and top-end performance. As the biggest brand on campus, we have no doubts DeMarini will move this bat off the shelves. If you've followed us at all, you know we've been trumpeting The Goods train since 2019. Great bat. An absolute favorite. But, we're a little hesitant on the 2024 The Goods and having trouble putting our finger on why, exactly. It's $50 more (the most expensive hybrid on the market by a noticeable amount) but comes with an extended warranty and rethought connection piece (both of which it needed) as well as a new knob (which it probably didn't). It still has the stuff that made the previous versions rock stars, too. X14 alloy, a bit of a load. It's a real banger. We have no doubt it will hit the ball very hard.
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*Note: The current bat is still under review. Our ratings will change as more information is gathered and more players get it in their hands. Expect updates.

2024 The Goods Models

But it seems different this time. Maybe because bats like the Select PWR, Bonesaber Hybrid, and CAT X Connect are looking great these days at 10 to 20% cheaper NIW? And the gaping hole of a need for a top-notch hybrid is not what it was circa the fall of 2021. At the risk of being dead wrong, we predict some rough waters ahead for a bat line that once ruled the roost. It feels like the Goods came back from a lazy summer vacation only to find a couple of DUDES in the class done growed up. Can it still be the king of the Hybrid Hill? Possible. But the climb to the top won't come without a fight.

General Recommendations

Generally, the 2024 The Goods in BBCOR will be built for a bigger hitter that likes a stiff-feeling two-piece bat. The alloy barrel requires no break-in and the barrel profile, although alloy, is pretty good sized. In USA and USSSA we've yet to hear anything official as of releases, since DeMarini released a 2023 The Goods in the USA, we aren't sure if youth versions of the bat will drop. But we will keep you posted.

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Previous Bats

The 2023 The Goods, this bat's predecessor, may be one of the best-selling BBCOR bats in history. It gets excellent reviews, and you can find the smallest to the biggest kind of hitters using it. It's relatively durable and has sat in the top five of our best BBCOR bats for its entire existence. Will the 2024 compete with it or beat it? We will see, but early reports show that it probably won't come out of the gates as strong as the 2022. The biggest difference, aside from the knob it probably didn't need, is both the change in the connection piece for more durability and an expanded warranty that covers multiple replacements within the first year.


  • The 2022 "The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat" is designed for the middle of the batting order.
  • It features an X14 Alloy Barrel and a stiff composite handle.
  • The bat is favored by high school and college baseball's strongest hitters due to its heavy swing weight and significant energy transfer upon contact.
  • It incorporates Half + Half Technology with a Direct Connection to reduce hand sting while providing a stiff feel for high exit velocities.
  • The end cap has been redesigned using stronger composite materials to optimize barrel performance, allowing powerful hitters to unlock raw power.

The Goods