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2023 Rawlings Mach AI Review

By Bat Digest

Updated June 18, 2023

2023 Rawlings Mach AI Review Featured Image
We know almost nothing about the 2023 Rawlings Mach AI other than it is an approved BBCOR bat; it was found in the lineup during Virginia's 2023 NCAA Super Regionals and is likely the heir apparent of the Rawlings VELO. Bats from big companies are often seeded to major teams during the tournament for maximum exposure during their playoff run. And it worked. That's where we found it first. As we learn more, we will update this page. The bat is likely to release in September of 2023.
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2023 Mach AI Video
*Note: The current bat is still under review. Our ratings will change as more information is gathered and more players get it in their hands. Expect updates.

2023 Mach AI Models

Besides an alloy barrel, we know little about the Mach A.I. for Rawlings other than it will attempt to replace the VELO. It looks like a heavier swinging single-piece bat, but we aren't sure.

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A bat named Mach or Mach AI has not existed for Rawlings. So, this may be the new line or an update to a bat line like the 5150 or Velo. We will see.

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