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2023/2022 DeMarini CF Mashup Review

By Bat Digest

Updated August 9, 2023

2023/2022 DeMarini CF Mashup Review Featured Image

The 2023/22 DeMarini CF Mashup is a USSSA bat only and comes in a drop of 10, 8, and 5. We love these bats; they consistently rank high in their class and across the board. If you want an elite-level USSSA bat, you can't go wrong with a CF mashup.

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2023 CF Mashup Models

DeMarini releases another crop of CF bats with a different paint job every year. The DeMarini CF Mashup is the 2022 DeMarini CF, much like the CF Glitch was the special edition color-up of the 2021 CF. The CF in USSSA hasn't changed in the last few years, and that's because the bat is great. We recommend it across the board for hitters who like an excellent swing, a big barrel, and aren't as concerned about budget.

The CF Mashup is a USSSA bat only and comes in a drop 10, 8, and 5. The barrel on the drop 5 is 2 5/8, while the barrel on the drop 10 and 8 is 2 3/4.

Some vendors refer to this bat as a 2023 CF Mashup, not the 2022 CF Mashup. As Demarini is going to an every other year release schedule, this will likely confuse next year as some are still selling the 2022 Mashup when some have the "2023" mashup. In either case, it's the same bat.

General Recommendations

The CF in USSSA is made for the serious travel ball player looking for as much barrel size they can get. The bat swings great and set the standard for what 2 3/4 big barrel USSSA bats should swing like. Other bats have likely caught up, like the Marucci CAT Composite and Slugger Meta, but none have the decorated pedigree of the DeMarini CF.

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Previous Bats

Compared to the 2022 DeMarini CF, the bat hasn't changed except for the color up. Compared to the 2021 DeMarini CF or the CF Glitch, the bats are also precisely the same except for the color.


DeMarini's 2023 CF mashup is a two-piece composite bat with a huge barrel that Demarini refers to as a Paraflex Plus composite. They've used this composite for some time, which has proven to the test of time. The connection piece is referred to as 3Fusion and, compared to previous connection pieces in the line, helps lower swing weight and keep sting out of the hands. The end cap is composite and light. The bat is generally designed for the USSSA player that likes a big barrel, light swing, and where every hit feels like a monster.

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