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2022 Victus Vandal Review

By Bat Digest

Updated October 1, 2023

2022 Victus Vandal Review Featured Image
The 2022 Victus Vanal is a single piece alloy bat that comesin a BBCOR and USSSA drop 10, 8 and 5.
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2022 Vandal 2.0, Vandal Video

2022 Vandal 2.0, Vandal Models

Our hitters liked the stiffer feel and lighter swing of the 2022 Victus Vandal. Eyes closed, it felt a lot like the Slugger Solo in USSSA (drop 10), the Voodoo One (BBCOR) and the Alpha ALX (Drop 8 and 5). The barrel size is decent, but the bat lack some of the high end two piece feel our younger hitters like. However, those looking for a good value bat as well as those in the BBCOR space that want a light swinging single piece alloy can look here too.

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Victus has released the Vandal for a couple of years now, this is their first 'update.'

Vandal 2.0, Vandal