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2022 DeMarini Voodoo One Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 29, 2022

2022 DeMarini Voodoo One Review Featured Image
Few bats were anticipated more than the 2022 DeMarini Voodoo One in BBCOR. The bat has reached epic hype proportions despite the average to good reviews received by its 2017 through 2020 predecessor (which it hasn't changed from). Resellers have sensed blood in the water with this 2022 version. They saw the sold-out 2021 version reach upwards of thousands of dollars on the secondary market and are quickly buying up inventory in the hopes they can resell the bat for healthy returns come the holidays. Affiliate marketers on social platforms are pushing the bat as an impossible find and a 'must buy' right now kind of product. None of that makes the bat terrible; it is plenty good. But the hype is nothing more than hype.
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Our hitters like the single-piece feel and the light swing. They do wish the barrel profile was larger and the bat didn't hurt as much on mishits, but the better the hitter is the less that stuff seems to matter.

General Recommendations

The 2022 Demarini Voodoo One is a BBCOR only bat that is a single-piece alloy built with a light swing and smaller barrel profile. But, the light swing and good sound can create some great exit velocities with the right hitter. The bat is not better than the BBCOR test, but many new hitters using a light swinging BBCOR bat are finding the swing weight ideal. There are plenty of bats that fit this mold, but the Voodoo One is clearly the leader of pack in terms of overall appeal.

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Previous Bats

The only change from 2021 to 2022 is a new endcap on the 2022 Demarini Voodoo One. The bat doesn't feel much different (if any) from previous years) so we aren't sure what the point was of changing the end cap. But, nonetheless, the 2022 Voodoo One has a new end cap. The bat, effectley, has not changed from its 2017 release.


The 2022 Voodoo One is a single-piece alloy bat with a light swing and a smallish barrel. Here is the writeup from DeMarini:

  • X14 Alloy Barrel A massive alloy barrel designed specifically for elite power hitters.
  • Tracer End Cap Composed of lightweight composite materials to enhance bat speed while maintaining powerful barrel performance.
  • One-Piece Construction Allows for maximum stiffness, ultimate bat speed, and an ultra-responsive feel

Marketing Writeup

Play with fire. Introducing the 2022 Voodoo One (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat, the bat built for an unrivaled combination of elite swing speed and power. 2021’s hottest bat in BBCOR, Voodoo One returns its signature X14 Alloy Barrel, revered for soul-crushing performance and maximum pop, and its new paint job marks the homecoming for Skully — a DeMarini legend. A new lightweight Tracer End Cap enhances bat speed and barrel performance, and the one-piece alloy construction delivers unparalleled exit velocity and maximum stiffness. It’s the bat of your dreams – sure to give pitchers nightmares.

Voodoo One