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2022 Combat B2 Ultra Review

By Bat Digest

Updated August 10, 2023

2022 Combat B2 Ultra Review Featured Image
The 2022 Combat B2 Ultra is a BBCOR and USSSA (drop 11, 10 and 8) produced and sold exclusively by It has a huge barrel, light swing and is built after the Combat Maxum of days gone by. This is, effectively, a reprint of the old Combat Maxum bats circa 2018 that JustBats (via their parent company Pro Athlete) purchased and distributes. Those Combat Maxum bats were very well received and, in the right hands, hit the ball a country mile.
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The 2022 Combat B2 Ultra is as curious as they come. Not to bore you too much, but in terms of history, the Combat was a Canadian composite bat company that produced BBCOR and USSSA bats with huge barrels and light swings. Around 2018, or so, Combat's parent company claimed a chapter 11 bankruptcy and the parent company restructured Combat under Easton, a sister company. Combat became defunct. But not so fast. During that restructuring, as far as we've been able to gather, some of the intellectual property (or rights to it) as well as the remaining Combat inventory moved to Just Bats. Easton also began producing a Combat in the Combat Maxum, which exists until this day. In an unexpected twist, By 2018, Just Bats had reproduced the Combat into their own version named the B2. That B2 was JustBats' last hurrah in the Combat bat space as they maintained the rights to reproduce a bat in the Combat name. At the time, someone at Easton told us they did not maintain those rights forever. But that, of course, is when Easton was actually a company. The 2022 Combat B2 Ultra is a surprise to us. JustBats has clearly retained the rights to reproduce the Combat B2 despite Easton's continuation of the Easton Combat Maxum (under the Rawlings umbrella who acquired them last year). We are not sure, and likely never will be, if Rawlings acquisition by Easton made Just Bats intellectually property play more possible. In any event, what once was once lost, now is found. Long live the Combat Maxum.

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Compared to the 2020 version of the bat there are no changes other than, at least according to our records, a drop 8 in lieu of the drop 5. Or, we will venture a guess, the drop 5 2022 version will appear on the shelves when the 2020 version finally sells out on Maybe.


The 2022 Combat B2 Ultra is a single piece composite bat with a big barrel and a light swing. It is the same as the previous year's version of the bat (the B2). The B2 is the same as the Combat Maxum bat of days gone by.

B2 Ultra