We have spent a lot of time with the A1010S (A1010S Pro and A1010HS1). These are, effectively, the approved NFHS high school baseball made by Wilson. But they also come in a PRO version, as well as a Blem version. Our favorite for our purposes is the A1010S Blem. And we have found some inexpensive ways to fund our wholesale ball habit….

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Measuring the Difference Between Baseball Exit Speeds

If there is anything we have seen more than bats around these parts, it is baseballs. Over the last five years we have gone through no less than three thousand baseballs. And since a serious haul of baseballs costs a small fortune, we have tried our best to be economical while still getting the best bang for our buck. To test bats appropriately, after all, we simply need reliable and good balls that fly true.

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Wilson A1010 Baseball Review

These are the most popular “legit” baseball on the market and there are plenty of reasons for it. Foremost, Wilson produces a number of these balls that don’t quite pass the game ready standards of perfect seams. These are sold in the Blem (blemished) pile, and ultimately come at discount (#gooddeal). Many major vendors, and sometimes small, buy these wholesale and use them as a lost leader on major sites like Amazon and eBay. They have become our favorite practice ball for their price, durability and performance.

Wilson A1010HS1 or Wilson A1010S or Wilson A1010 PR‚ÄčO

Don’t over think this. If you are required to get an NFHS (High School baseball), then get the HS1. If you need a Pro level baseball, then get the A1010Pro. The A1010 will serve any other purpose. The pro balls have a smaller seam. But unless you are required to buy the A1010 Pro, then we think it hardly worth the price.

Wilson A1010 BaseballsWilson A1010 BaseballsWilson A1010 Baseballs

A1010S Blems

Blem, or blemished, baseballs in the Wilson A1010 line are where it is at. Especially if you are in the market for legit balls that perform great and are okay with an occasional cosmetic problem.

Wilson has a keen eye for the perfect baseball. And many baseballs’ cosmetic issues (like an errant seam) don’t pass the eye test. When that occurs, Wilson sends those balls to the Blem pile. We have found many A1010 to simply be slightly more yellow out of the wrapper, but many come with blemishes we can’t identify. For some reason they are stamped with Blem, so if your league requires a non-blem, then take note before you buy.

Wilson A1010S vs A1030

Wilson A1010 BaseballsWilson A1010 Baseballs

The significant difference between the A1030 and the A1010S, aside from the price, is the quality of the core inside the ball. The core is what keeps the ball performing like a baseball. And a poor core, or one that has lost its integrity, simply doesn’t fly like it is supposed to.

The A1010 uses a higher quality core than the A1030. That is why the balls are priced differently. Wilson claims the core lasts 15% longer. We are not sure what that even means, but at a minimum, it is a metric to point out the A1010 is a superior baseball. If it is worth the price difference is simply up to you.

Wilson A1010 Specs

The A1010S is a full leather grain ball that uses a red cushioned cork. Like all regulation baseballs, the ball is 5 ounces and 9 inches in diameter. The blem versions of the A1010 are ot the exact same make as the 1010S or 1010HS1, but with some type of imperfection.

Wilson A1010 Wholesale

Over the years we have come in contact with a few major suppliers that help us gather some good deals. If you happen to be in the market for bulk 1010’s—and we mean like 50 dozens+ then feel free to drop us a note (admin@justbatreviews.com). Its likely we can go in together and save everyone some money.

If, like most, you are looking for a good deal on a few or so dozen, then places like Amazon and eBay are always the best place to look online.