In a search for useful softball backpacks we searched many, many stores. Stores had two or three in stock while the internet had whatever you want. Yet getting a good feel in terms of material and durability is difficult online. So, I took a look at 9 different backpacks from three different companies and compared them all. I do know that there are many other companies that produce backpack but I wanted to keep these softball backpacks in short review and, hopefully, useful to you.

Bat Backpacks

We like the DeMarini Merica Voodoo Backpack not only cause it has the coolest name and coolest look, but because it’s a really good value buy. Tons of space and a reasonable price.

Bat Backpacks

Expensive, no doubt. But this thing is the Rolls Royce of bat backpacks. Does everything, has everything, feels fantastic. If you want the best then Easton’s 5 tool backpack is a great choice.


TL;DR: After lots of testing, we like the Five Tools by Easton and the Merica Voodoo by DeMarini.

This goes well with our Best Softball Bat Bag Reviews.

Don’t confuse this with the idea of a batpack. The batpack, as some refer to it, is a set of bats for saleĀ together.

Best Softball & Baseabll Backpacks

Bat Backpacks

Looking at all of the backpacks and what they offer in ways of material and features, I would recommend two different bags. My recommendations are made off durability and features:

Backpack vs Bat Bag

There are a ton of terms out there to describe what you are looking for and no real unified sense on what stuff is called. For this review, I use the word softball backpack to mean, just that, a backpack that is meant for softball gear.

Elsewhere we discuss softball bat bags and those include roller type bags that can carry a ton more gear but are more difficult to maneuver than a backpack.


Five Tool

Bat Backpacks

With this backpack you can do it all on the field, it is comfortable in league or on the road to a tourney. Hold everything you need and then some. But it isn’t cheap, that is for sure.

  • MSRP $129.99
  • Interior shelf for equipment storage
  • Four Side pockets for convenient storage
  • Internal mesh for those personal items
  • Felt lined pocket to protect those valuables
  • Padded shoulder and back panel for comfort.
  • Holds up to four bats

Hybrid Backpack Duffel

Bat Backpacks

This bag is good for all sports. It can be either a duffle or a backpack witch ever works for you.

  • MSRP $ 99.99
  • Durable Tarpaulin exterior
  • All-New rubberized pullers, and updated fence hooks
  • Large main compartment
  • Felt line pockets for those valuable
  • Vented main compartment to let the smell out
  • Separate helmet and cleat compartment.
  • Has two side bat compartments


Bat Backpacks

This bag is designed specifically for the female athlete

  • MSRP $ 79.99
  • Padded straps specifically for female shoulders
  • Vented shoe compartment
  • Fence hooks
  • Two side bat sleeves


Merica Voodoo Backpack

Bat Backpacks

  • MSRP $ 59.99
  • Large main compartment to fit all the gear for the game
  • Neoprene bay sleeve
  • Fleece lined cell phone pocket
  • Removable panel for customization
  • Fence hook
  • Waterproof base
  • Padded shoulder strap

Voodoo Rebirth Backpack

Bat Backpacks

  • MSRP $ 59.99
  • Large main compartment to fit helmets and all other gear
  • Molded barrel lock bat sleeve
  • Fleece lined phone and valuables pocket
  • J Fence hook
  • Composite treated waterproof base.
  • Removable panel for customization

Momentum Backpack

Bat Backpacks

  • MSRP $ 49.99
  • Large main compartment for helmets and other gear
  • Mesh bat sleeve
  • Vented shoe compartment
  • Removable decoration panel
  • Integrated fence hook
  • Padded shoulder pads

Louisville Slugger

Bat Backpacks

Prime Stick Pack

  • MSRP $99
  • Large main compartment
  • Bat sleeves for up to four bats
  • Interior shelf with pockets
  • Fence hook
  • Padded shoulders
  • Customizable area for you name and number.

Select Stick Pack

Bat Backpacks

  • MSRP $59.99
  • Main compartment
  • Bat sleeves for two bats
  • Locker style main compartment
  • Fleece valuable pocket
  • Padded shoulders
  • Fence Hooks
  • Front Load handles.
  • Multiple colors

Series 5 Stick Pack

Bat Backpacks

  • MSRP $39.99
  • Main compartment for helmets, mask and glove.
  • Mesh bat sleeve for up to two bats
  • Front pocket for shoes and gear
  • Fence hook
  • Padded Shoulders