We took a spin with plate crate, the subscription based monthly box of baseball goodies. You pay just under $30 a month and get over $30 of value shipped to your front door. It includes some knick knacks and useball baseball tools you likely didn’t know existed but are probably happy to have. Each month the crates are different and you should expect to get different stuff every time.

Plate Crate Experience

Each month you are given a certain set of gear. We do not know if it is random for each subscriber or if they are the same exact plan. We suspect plate crate buys inventory in bulk and uses it as they see fit. In our crate we got the following non-plate crate items.

Glove Lock Review

Glove Lock Image 1

Glove locks are something we have been looking at for a while. They seem like a little useful gadget that will run you about $8 after shipping.

98%How Excited?

They sit on the laces of your thumb side and keep the thumb slot snug. If you’ve worn a glove for more than 5 minutes you know that lace is impossible to keep tied. And when it is it looks terrible anyways. Glove Locks are a good solution.​

Vulcan Grip Review

Plate Crate Review

We opened our crate on June 29th. It included a bat grip that we have seen before but never got around to getting. The fact it was also an Americana theme so close to our nations birthday seemed like an appropriate touch.

93%How Excited?

We have not had a ton of experience with the Vulcan grip, but at first touch and glance they look legitimate. The idea of a well made grip does not appear to be too difficult to achieve. Several companies appear to have done as much. Vulcan is on that list. And how the “Vulcan Grip” is not a trademarked name already is beyond us.

Chinook Seedery Review

Plate Crate Review

We have reviewed Chinook Seedery before (in our best sunflower seeds page). We like them and we like their seeds. In our Plate Crate we were given a single bag of Cinnamon Toast Seeds. They taste like the cereal.

85%How Excited?

We are partial towards the Parmesan and Pepper seeds that Chinook makes. And, to be frank, Cinnamon Toast is not our favorite. However, there are a couple in our household who like the Cinnamon Toast the most. It is definitely their most unique flavor and worth a try. Had we never seen these before we would have been quite excited.

Glove Saver Review

Plate Crate Review

The Glove Saver is a little gadget that keeps the shape of your glove when it is in your bat. It is literally a ball attached to a bungee cord that you put through your glove and wrap around it as to keep its pocket shape.

95%How Excited?

The Glove Saver is one of those things that you never new you wanted until you got it. It really would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a baseball or softball player.