DeMarini Black OPS Wheeled Bag Review

DeMarini makes a fantastic high end bag for travel players. It has everything you could ever want in a roller bag that converts into a bag pack and individual sleeves for up to 4 bats.


Here are some other features.

  • Enough storage space to bring along the contents of a Manhattan apartment.
    • The bag has 6,700 cubic inches of space. This is equivalent to the space of 30 gallons of water. It measures over 3 feet long, 15 inches wide and 12 inches high.
  • For being so large, it is exceptionally stylish and compartmentalized insomuch you may forget where something is. I counted, twice, and there is at least 21 different places to put stuff. Including:
    • 4 custom made bat slots inside the bag.
    • A breathable shoe compartment that can be removed and washed.
    • A large central storage area the size of your laundry basket
    • 400 compartments on the side for cell phone/wallet/keys.
  • The gear bag rolls smoothly and can convert into a backpack.
  • It has double sided hideaway fence claws which are curved to hang on a fence much more effectivley.
  • Hard-body on the undercarriage

The DeMarini OPS wheeled bag is as nice of a gear bag as you will ever find on the market. Serious NCAA, travel ball and high-school players—who do a lot of travel on airplanes and buses—will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this bag. Best pricing we could find was here. You can also look for some auctions here. (See Also: DeMarini Black OPS Bat Back Review).

If you are looking for a high end bag as the perfect present for a baseball player then the DeMarini Black OPS Wheeled Bag should be on your short list.

Check out some pictures of the DeMarini Black OPS Wheeled Bag below.